3 Common Factors That Affect Your Foundation Leveling Cost Estimate

Repairing your home’s foundation can be expensive. When it comes to big operations like leveling your house, the cost can grow even more. Sometimes, however, you can get away with paying $1,500 or less. Why? What are the factors that cause some foundation repair jobs to cost tens of thousands of dollars while others are so cheap?

Foundation Leveling Cost

#1 How Long You Wait?

Imagine you’re holding a very heavy weight above your head. After a while, one of your arms starts to get tired. You could call for help, but you choose not to. A bit later, your arm breaks. Since your other arm is now supporting all of the weight on its own, it fails too and the weight falls on your head.

Foundation repair is a little bit like this. If you call a repair firm at the first sign of a crack, you’ll keep things solid and prevent further damage. If you wait, more weight is placed on fewer load bearing elements, causing further damage. This can dramatically increase the estimate price when you finally do seek repair.

#2 Type of Foundation

Depending on when your home was constructed and where it’s located, you might have a concrete foundation or a wooden foundation supported by concrete piers.

Both types of foundation are solid, but there are differences when it comes to repairing them. Basic repairs are often cheaper on pier and beam foundations because of easy access to damaged areas, but the wood is prone to damage from rot, termites and other animals.

#3 The Extent of Repairs

Adjusting one or two concrete piers is a pain, but it’s a lot less expensive than replacing all of them or adding an entire set to fix a sinking concrete foundation. The amount of work your repair team has to do to fix your foundation is one of the biggest factors in your house leveling cost.

It’s difficult for most people to estimate how much work actually needs to be done to repair a foundation. Contact a structural engineer to find out how extensive the repair work for your home will be.

Every Job Is Unique

Because of all of these factors, it’s difficult to give an accurate average cost for leveling a home. In general, though, you can expect a number between $1,500 and $11,000, with most jobs falling somewhere between $2,000 and $6,000.

Just because house leveling costs are high doesn’t mean you should skimp or put them off. You’ll wind up paying more because of further damage if you delay repairs.

Since you have to disclose any foundation repair work when you sell your home, it’s an extra good idea to use a reputable professional and get the job done right.

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