7 Financial Considerations Before Buying An Above Ground Pool

Recently you may have decided that a pool is just the thing you and your family need for plenty of summertime fun. Maybe the idea seemed simple at first and now you’ve gotten a taste of your options, but now you’re feeling overwhelmed. It would be understandable with the abundance of options on the market.

Perhaps now you’re in the phase of trying to decide between an underground pool or an above ground pool and after much research you came to the conclusion that an aboveground pool best suits your needs. Now is the time to ask yourself, do I know how I want to use the pool?

Is it for recreation, exercise or therapy? Once you’ve waded through all of these decisions, Maybe you’ve decided to go for an above ground pool because the installation and removal work is easier than it is for an underground pool. You’ve also determined that an above ground pool is very often just as functional and large as an underground pool. Now what? What’s the next step?

Finding an affordable above ground pool option can require quite a bit of research. Who doesn’t want the most affordable option at the best quality? The average above ground pool lasts 7-15 years, so it’s a major investment.

With attentive care, there’s no reason an above ground pool cannot last 15 plus years. Needless to say, it’s important to do the necessary homework in order to be a smart consumer and maximize enjoyment in an above ground pool.

For those of you who may be having these questions, here are seven financial considerations before purchasing an above ground pool:

#1 What are the Main Costs Associated with an Above Ground Pool?

The necessary expenses you need to plan for are within two areas: the pool kit and installation. There’s no getting around the cost of the pool kit, but prices do vary considerably. In most reports, they are listed between 3-7K. Installation can cost between 1-5K unless, of course, you have the know how to do most or all of it yourself.

#2 Is a Deck Something I want?

It’s important to consider if a deck is desired. Decks usually increase aesthetic and functional appeal, but they are by no means absolutely necessary. It’s important to remember that often the decking is the most expensive part of the whole above ground pool experience Of course, all of this varies according to local labor rates and the quality of materials. If a pool is attractive and well-kept, it will be considered an asset if putting the house on the real estate market is ever necessary.

#3 How much will I Spend on Accessories?

Most experienced pool owners say that a good starting estimate would be approximately $500. What’s included in that estimate? Some costs you may want to consider include ladders, liners, pumps, chemicals, thermometers, heaters, handrails and brushes. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Safety equipment is also an important consideration.

Such things as life preservers and safety rails can be the smartest accessories you can buy for your new pool. Don’t forget to factor in zoning permit costs, too. Of course, it doesn’t have to all be serious. You may also want to plan for the fun pool toys, too!

#4 How much Do I Plan for on a Monthly Basis?

A rough estimate for chemicals might be $80 per month. This includes chemicals and Ph strips. To cover yourself though, so you don’t get caught off guard by unexpected expenses, it’s always advisable to consult with a pool expert.

The last thing anyone wants is to put a great deal of time, effort and energy into constructing an above ground pool and then to be caught off guard by the monthly costs!

#5 How can I Afford the Costs of Building the Pool?

Of course, there’s the good old-fashioned way of saving in advance for your above ground pool, but that approach is not for everyone. Did you know that there are companies that will grant pool loans?

Of course, as with everything in your finances, it’s important to consider if you are willing and able to take on the monthly expense plus the interest rate. Will the extra cost add stress to life? If so, maybe a pool isn’t the best choice at this point in life.

#6 What Yard Issues Do I need to Consider Before Construction Begins?

There are many factors that need to be looked at before a decision can be made about a design. Do you want a circle, rectangular or an oval pool? (Round pools tend to be the most economical.) Which one will fit best in your yard though?

What kind of square footage do you desire? What kind of slope do you have to contend with in your yard? What kind of soil is present in your yard? Do you desire a fence? What kind of landscaping might you want to do to make your recreational area more appealing?

These are all factors in the decision making process. Really, the possibilities are endless for making your backyard oasis the outdoor space of your dreams!

#7 How many Different Kinds of Materials are Above Ground Pools Made From?

Vinyl liner pools are the least expensive option usually peaking at around 30K for all expenses including s deck. The next least expensive option is a fiberglass pool averaging around 40K for a similar setup.

The materials for a fiberglass pool are more expensive and they are more costly to ship than the materials for a vinyl lined pool. The third option is a concrete/gunite pool being the most expensive at 45K for overall expenses. Which one is right for you?

Your local above ground pool expert can help you navigate these issues in order for you to make the best decision for your situation. Remember to do your research on a builder before hiring them. How much experience do they have? Do they have bonding insurance? Have you seen photos of their previous work? Choosing the right contractor can be one of the best choices you will make in this whole process.

There are many important decisions to make in this process, but with the proper research it is possible to be smart about it, so you and your family can have many years of fun in your above ground pool. We hope these tips were helpful in planning for a major investment that will lead to many pleasant memories!

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