7 The Most Frequent Signs of Foundation Problems

The structural integrity of a house relies on the strength of its foundation. It is always a good idea to check it on a regular basis. However, nothing really lasts forever. You cannot expect the parts of the house to be in good condition all the time.

Whether it is made of concrete, wood or other materials, the foundation is susceptible to different types of damages. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know how to spot signs of foundation problems. If you are one of them, this article can help you identify the different issues you need to be aware of. Below is a list:

#1 Bugs in the Basement:

If your basement is constantly wet, it attracts almost all kinds of bugs. If you notice the presence of pill bugs, carpenter ants, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish and centipedes, this could be a sign of foundation issues. These bugs often enter through the wall cracks and holes.

#2 A Wet, Leaking Basement:

Through the years, water and moisture have the tendency to seep in through the cracks of the foundation. If your basement is wet all the time, it is about time to repair it. A basement or crawlspace moisture can lead to other problems such as sagging floors, musty smells and mold growth.

#3 Cracked, Bowed Walls

Cracks on your walls can be a sign of underlying problems. When the walls begin to bow down, it is about time to call a professional company to do the repair. Cracked and bowed walls may signify that there is soil movement under the foundation, poor water drainage, or hydrostatic pressure.

#4 Cracked Chimney

If you see that your chimney is cracked, your house foundation is probably having some issues. If there are existing problems such as expanding soil or poor exterior drainage, this may lead to cracks in the foundation and tilted chimney.

#5 Crooked Doors:

A crooked doors is a possible sign of moisture problems in the crawlspace or basement. Crooked doors develop once the foundation shifts, cracks or settles.

#6 Uneven, Sagging Floors:

Sagging or warped flooring can signify that there is a problem in the house’s foundation. Such problem occurs because of inadequate waterproofing, shifting soil and humidity from water seepage.

#7 Standing Water

A standing water around the outside of your house may be due to poor exterior drainage. If not resolved right away, this may lead to severe structural damage.

Now that you have already read the different signs of foundation problems, you’ll be able to spot an issue right away. Keep in mind that the earlier you treat the damages, the more money you can save. If a minor crack or leak is left untreated, it may lead to serious structural problems.

If you do not make a move the soonest, this might compromise the overall integrity of your house. It goes without saying that identifying and treating foundation problems can give you great advantages. The moment you spot issues that need to be addressed, you can call a professional company to do the repair and maintenance.

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