8 Tips on How To Choose the Best Pool Finish

There used to be a time when there was very little choice when it came to pool finishes. However, these days there are a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from, so gone are the days of only having the choice of a plain white plaster finish.

Giving special attention to your pool finish will help create a look that will make it feel unique to your own personality and needs. Many pool owners say that choosing an appealing pool finish made them want to spend more time outside around the pool and who wouldn’t want that?

So, what needs to be considered before making a pool finish choice? We’ve put together some tips to help the first time pool buyer navigate the myriad of choices out on the market as well as some tips for overall planning.

#1 Take the overall picture into consideration. Yes, the pool may be the main attraction in the backyard, but all of the other parts play a part in the overall look that will be ultimately achieved. In the interest of saving time and money, it’s a good idea to plan out the whole backyard before beginning the building process.

Here are a few questions to consider: Will any landscaping be done? Will your choices blend in well with the exterior of your home? Do you plan to add any other major pieces in the backyard such as a fire pit? What about lawn furniture? We guarantee that you’ll be glad you thought all of these things through by the time the pool is completed.

#2 Remember that the color of what’s around the pool can dramatically change the look of the color of the pool water. Did you know that different types of foliage can affect water color? The same goes for the coping around the pool. With different color choices in coping, the pool water can look drastically different. Ask your pool specialist for some tips.

#3 If I choose a pebble look for my finish, will the pebbles fall out? It’s a pretty safe bet that a few pebbles will come loose during the installation process. Over time, it’s also reasonable to expect that some pebbles will come loose occasionally. There are specialty products on the market to help repair the loose spots.

A pebble finish is considered to be one of the most durable options. Also, many people choose it because it has the most natural look among the choices. However, pebble has a texture that not everyone finds appealing to the touch, so make sure to test the way it feels before choosing pebble.

#4 What are the other types of finishes?

Plaster: This is by far the most popular choice. Perhaps it is because it is the most affordable option. Most of the time a plaster surface is done in white; however, other colors can be chosen at extra expense. The downside to plaster is that it is the least durable choice.

Tile: Most would agree that tiles are the most sophisticated choice. Many home magazines showcase pools of the rich and famous that have elaborate tiling. The possibility for creative arrangement of tiling is endless. Tile is also said to have more traction than plaster does.

Aggregate: This is the most recent trend in pool finishes. Aggregate combines glass, pebbles, glass beads and granite to create a look that has true flair. Most pool experts agree that this is the most durable choice of the three.

Quartz: There many options to choose from with a quartz finish. What are the different types of products?

  • Krystalkrete: This combines dazzling quartz color with an impressive durability. It comes in a wide array of colors and is a great choice for the artistic at heart.
  • Sun Stone: This combines quartz aggregate with cement and colored quartz. It also has a reputation for impressive durability.
  • Sun Stone Select: This type of quartz finish uses smaller quartz aggregate. The stones are combined with cement for a glamorous effect. This option is recommended for pools that have heavy use.

#5 Are there any downsides to colored plaster? Yes. Colored plaster will show imperfections in a more pronounced way than white plaster will. Cracks, uneven streaks and stains will be more noticeable. Also be aware that paint color does not always look the same on the finish as it does on paint samples.

#6 What about water temperature? Your pool finish choices can absolutely affect the temperature of the water. Dark surfaces will increase the temperature of the pool by as much as ten degrees. Obviously, a shallow pool will also heat up much faster than a deep pool. Take all of this into consideration while making choices.

#7 Consider pool size and depth before choosing a pool finish. A larger and deeper pool will appear darker. Conversely, a smaller and more shallow pool will appear lighter. Remember to weigh this out before choosing to achieve the overall desired look.

#8 Don’t forget about the effect the sun will have on the color of the water in combination with the pool finish. If you live in a location where the sun is shining most of the time, your pool water will look more impressive. If there is significant cloud coverage, there will be a different effect. If you feel unsure, your pool contractor can show you some samples of the effect on both a cloudy and a sunny day.

We hope these pool tips have been helpful as you begin to plan for the backyard pool of your dreams. With a little inspiration and guidance, it’s possible to have that oasis of calm that you’ve always dreamed about. Or if you have family or plan on entertaining with friends a lot, a festive pool finish may be just the thing you need to achieve the party atmosphere.

Need some more inspiration? We’ve compiled some more links to explore to help get your creative juices going. Pinterest is also always a great place to look for artistic pool finish ideas. Hopefully you’ve gotten some great tips here and best of luck on planning and building your ultimate pool!

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