Top 10 Rated Austin Real Estate Agents

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is a Texas realty company operating throughout the state. Whether you are making the move to Austin from away or are simply looking to upgrade your home, this company can find you something that you will love. From estimating the value of your existing home to offering extensive searches and tax history on potential new homes, this company can cover all of your moving needs. With over 35 years of experience, you can certainly trust these Austin realtors.


Austin REAL Pros REALTORS Nobody knows Austin better than we do! Since the 1960s, these pros have been on the front lines of the heated real estate market in the capital of the great state of Texas. As the name implies, we are real pros. We will take the time to get to know you, our valued client. Are you buying, selling, or leasing or perhaps searching for a reputable company to manage your investment property? You don’t want just anybody handling your affairs. You want only the best. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Austin REAL Estate Pros. We’d love to hear from you today. Click on our website or stop into the office for a chat.

Kaleido Properties

Kaleido Properties If you want professional and friendly service that makes you feel like part of the family then you should contact Kaleido Properties to assist you in all of your home buying and selling needs. This company is small and locally owned meaning you will get more personalized care than with one of those nationwide realty companies. You can read the reviews of these experts or just give them a call and begin the process of selling your old home and finding the new one that is right for you.

MLS Austin Texas

MLS Austin Texas Buying a home and moving is a huge process and involves making some big decisions. You should have the best team possible by your side to help you through the process. That is where MLS Austin Texas comes in. These local real estate agents are there for their clients whether they are buying, selling or both. They have some of the best listings and the best options when it comes to selling a home. The peace of mind you will feel knowing these professionals will guide you is priceless.

Pauly Presley Realty

Pauly Presley Realty Since entering the Austin real estate scene in 2005, we’ve gained for ourselves a reputation for being the friendliest, most efficient real estate broker in Austin. In that time, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the city’s real estate market. We are passionate about Austin and making sure you get the best deal regardless of whether you’re buying or selling. We represent various clients for residential, commercial as well as mixed-use projects. As far as Austin real estate brokers are concerned, there is nobody more committed than Pauly Presley. We’ll prove it to you. Log onto our website or visit us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Turnquist Partners Realtors

Turnquist Partners Realtors Turnquist Partners Realtors is Austin’s premier commercial realtor and residential real estate agent company. With a professional and qualified team, this company presents clients with the best homes to suit their needs and budget and can also assist in selling their existing home. You will not just feel like you are entering into a hectic move but really feel your needs are being catered to in the personalized realty experience offered by one of the experts at this well respected company.

Gottesman Residential

Gottesman Residential Our mandate is to deliver the best, most efficient real estate brokerage services to our many clients. And believe us. Over the years of serving this great city, we’ve built up an extensive clientele. Gottesman Residential is one of the leading real estate brokers in Austin The quality of our services is simply unmatched. Perhaps you’re a first-time home buyer or are a senior citizen looking to downgrade from your long-term house into something smaller. Our team of professional agents are skilled in every circumstance you could imagine. Our services are tailor made to meet the individual needs of all our clients. We’d love to hear from you today. Trust us when we say we’ll work harder than the other guys to earn your business.

Twelve Rivers Realty

Twelve Rivers Realty Twelve Rivers Realty is one of the top real estate brokers in Austin. We do it all; residential, commercial, industrial, business…quite frankly as long as it’s real estate, we take care of it. Selling your home can be a strenuous, time-consuming affair. When you list your home with us, we do the heavy lifting for you. Our team of highly-trained professionals use modern marketing tools to sell your home fast. We will work closely with buyers to get you a great deal for your home. Additionally, we will get prospective buyers preapproved so the process gets completed as soon as possible.

Wilson Goldrick Realtors

Wilson Goldrick Realtors There are few realtors in Austin, TX that have the reputation and history of Wilson Goldrick Realtors. This company has been serving the area for over 30 years and that is clear in their perfectly honed customer service. This company is unique in that it specializes in the sale and buying of luxury homes in the area. When buying a home, these agents will present you with the most top-market homes and if you are selling then they will help you present your beautiful house in an appealing way.

Bramlett Residential

Bramlett Residential Bramlett Residential is a multifaceted commercial real estate broker in Austin with years of experience working with clients who buy, sell and lease commercial property. When you hire Bramlett, you get the best professional customer service around. All of our agents have over ten years of experience working in the industry. They are well-organized, very efficient and know the real estate industry better than any of our competitors. On average, while local agents usually sell a mere six homes per year in Austin, last year our agents sold 190 homes. Now that’s something to be proud! As an added plus, we provide you with complimentary staging & professional photography to enhance your home.