Top 10 Rated Charlotte Foundation Repair Service Providers

Moisture Loc

Moisture Loc The signs that indicate you are experiencing foundation issues range from being hard to detect in the beginning to being glaring cracks in the wall or uneven floors. When you suspect there might be an issue, you should contact the professional team at Moisture Loc. These experts have years of experience that allows them to offer a solution as well as preventative measures. When you work with this team, you can be sure that the foundation repair solutions they offer are the most effective, long lasting and affordable for you.

Ram Jack of Charlotte

Ram Jack of Charlotte Ram Jack has been the leader in the industry and of local foundation companies in offering the best solutions for many years. The methods used by this company are some of the most effective and advanced. They have been developing their skills and knowledge for 75 combined years and have come to offer the latest techniques so you can be sure that your foundation will remain stable long after the experts have finished their work. Reviews say this peace of mind is priceless.

Doggett Concrete Construction

Doggett Concrete Construction Whether you are in need of commercial or residential foundation services, Doggett Concrete Construction has solutions for you. This team of experts has experience installing and laying solutions as well as repair the deteriorating foundations that have been experiencing damage. The crew and technicians that work for this company are able to assess and issue and find a solution for relatively cheap prices that will be the most effective. With a focus on meeting your needs, you can be sure the solution they offer is the most effective.


Sitetec Sitetec addresses any and all issues related to the stability of your foundation and the health of the foundation that your home sits on. This North Carolina company can work to ensure that no further damage is caused to your home because of a faulty foundation. They can also repair the damage that has already been done. Reviews say that the way these technicians work leaves no doubt about the stability of the home once they have finished using the latest techniques to complete the project.


Saber Having an issue with your foundation that goes unfixed is an issue that will plague you for years and become more costly as time goes on. Saber offers foundation repair in Charlotte, NC of the highest quality. From foundation settlement to concrete grinding and raising, this company has the expertise needed to address any problem you may be facing. With flawless craftsmanship you will not only have a foundation in perfect condition but you will also have a solution that prevents further problems.