Top 10 Rated Conroe Licensed Electricians

DAC Electrical

DAC Electrical Electrical work can be too complicated or too dangerous for your regular handyman. When the time comes to call in a professional technician, many Texas residents turn to DAC Electrical. This locally owned and operated company provides all of the electrical services you may need. The technicians at this company are highly trained and certified. They know how to assess and remedy electrical problems better than other Conroe electricians. For reliable and affordable services, you should contact a member of this team.

AAA Bishop Electric

AAA Bishop Electric Having reliable electrical fixtures is crucial to the daily running of your home so when you are renovating or if something goes wrong, you will need to call one of the expert technicians at AAA Bishop Electric. As local electrical contractors, these professionals are versed in anything to do with electric wiring for commercial and residential properties. There is no better way to ensure that the wiring in your home has been done correctly than by hiring the very best. If the reviews reveal anything, it is that you will not be disappointed.

WA Electric Service

WA Electric Service If you are in need of an expert electrician in Conroe, TX then you should certainly consider hiring the services of WA Electric Service. The experts at this company are fully licensed with years of experience. Since the establishment of this company in 1980, it has built a reputation for providing the most comprehensive and professional services for relatively cheap prices. Whether you need an electrical fixture installed or are looking to have repair work completed, this company does it all.

TLC Electrical Services

TLC Electrical Services As independent electrical contractors, TLC Electrical Services is entirely dedicated to providing their customers with the very best. From the friendly and prompt service to the professional work, you will have total peace of mind when these experts are seeing to the electrical wiring of your home. Each of the technicians are highly trained and qualified, but they don’t stop there. Every member of this company continues their electrical education to be ahead of the trends in everything from safety to techniques.


Easco At any point in a 24 hour period, an electrical emergency can occur. The work that was done in your house previously might be getting old or there may simply be a loose or disconnected wire. Whatever the problem may be, a licensed electrician from Easco will find it and remedy it quickly. They not only fix the electrics of an entire building but also those of appliances and any other possible electrical equipment you may be having an issue with.