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Residential Home Building

Building a new home involves a multitude of decisions, many requiring professional expertise. Unless you are a specialist yourself, you will want to find a local builder to take on the construction of your home. First, the house must be designed. That often involves consulting an architectural firm. The home site may need to be surveyed, and utilities will likely need to be extended. Aspects of the home will need approval by licensed inspectors. You will need a manager for the whole project – a general contractor to take bids from subcontractors and coordinate those subcontracted services so that the important pieces are completed on time and the project flows smoothly.

General Contractor Services

A general contractor is primarily responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a construction site. This includes a long list of responsibilities: finding and managing tradesmen and vendors; providing labor, equipment, and material needed for the project; receiving bids and hiring the best and most affordable subcontractors to complete portions of the work; and communicating necessary information to all parties. General contractor services may also include consulting, applying for permits, providing security and utilities on site, providing site development, and arranging for construction waste disposal. Job site safety and quality work are major areas of interest for the general contractor.

Commercial & Industrial Construction

The construction of commercial spaces – such as office buildings, restaurants, and retail locations – and industrial spaces – like manufacturing facilities and warehouses – involves issues that are not found in residential construction. The often larger scale of these projects increases the importance of having a top of the line project manager. It also increases the complexity of every aspect from site selection and development to permitting and contracts. Many industrial and commercial projects present special needs in the construction process, like foundations for heavy equipment, or high-powered ventilation systems. Some companies handle everything from start to finish.

Construction Management

Overseeing the planning, design, and construction of a project is the specialty of a construction management firm. This is a specialized professional service charged with keeping a project within the constraints of time, budget, and quality according to the construction plan. A construction manager also needs to consider public safety concerns, human resources, and cost accounting. Construction management also includes selecting the best bids, drawing up contract documents, and resolving disputes. In addition to construction and building knowledge, licensed construction managers also need to be well versed in technology, customer service, mathematics and leadership.

Design-Build Construction

Would you be able to find a good architect in lists of names on websites? Or could you tell a good contractor from a scam artist? A design-build construction firm offers one-stop shopping for construction projects: one set of contracts, one point of contact. Architects and designers work collaboratively with contractors in a team approach, solving problems as they arise. Preconstruction services include consideration of your company, your goals and vision, your finances, and your current and future needs, and finding ways of engineering maximum value right into the plans from the beginning.


The frame supports a building, and gives the building its shape. Wood and steel are the most common framing materials. Framing lumber must meet regulated standards, and is held together by nails or screws. Pine is popular for framing, as well as other softwoods such as spruce and fir. Steel framing may use I-beams for walls that will bear heavy loads, or pieces in the form of tubes, pipes, or C-channels, and these may be connected with nuts and bolts, or with pan-head framing screws. Ask your framing contractor which the best choice for your project is, if you are working with them directly, instead of using a general contractor.


There will likely come a time when you realize you’ve outgrown your home or business, and it’s time to make some changes. Perhaps your showroom could have more windows, or you need to add another restroom for your clients. Maybe you’ve grown to hate your kitchen, or no longer need that third bedroom. There’s no need to move when you can remodel! A top-rated local remodeling company can help you rearrange the space in your house or commercial facility or expand on your enterprise and make room to grow.

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A home, an office building, a manufacturing facility – a construction project is an incredibly complex undertaking that requires a variety of specialized services and steps to complete successfully. The order of those steps may vary depending on the delivery method chosen, but the owner will need a great deal of help to get the project off the ground regardless.

The job needs a boss, whether that’s a general contractor or construction management firm, or a design-build company working in the master builder tradition. That leader will hire, oversee, and pay subcontractors, handle scheduling for various parts of the project, and act as the point of contact for the owner – and ultimately take responsibility for all aspects of the build. You want local builders who do top of the line work at affordable prices, and we’re here to help you find them.

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