Top 10 Rated Corpus Christi Home Insurance Companies

Alba Insurance Agency

Alba Insurance Agency Alba is one of the best homeowner insurance companies in Corpus Christi. Are you looking for coverage? Logon to our website to submit a quote to get good, affordable rates. Perhaps you need a homeowner flood quote or are making a property loss claim. We’ll provide you with topnotch insurance that gives you with financial protection against natural disasters, fire, crime and even legal action that could be taken against you in the event of an accident. It must be noted, however, that in order to receive disaster insurance, you are required to purchase two separate policies – one for flood and another for earthquake coverage. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. When you go with Alba, you’re in good hands. Let’s get you started.


Allstate For more than two decades, Allstate has provided home, auto and renter’s insurance to residents of the Corpus Christi area. Are you looking to get homeowner’s insurance? When doing the loan approval process, we look at prior insurance and credit history to give you a homeowner’s insurance quote. If necessary, we may contact a third party to find out what your insurance score is. At Allstate, we are committed to providing you the best homeowner’s insurance in the city. Call, click on our website or simply stop on over. We’d love to help you out today!

Freeway Insurance Services

Freeway Insurance Services We offer competitive rates for Homeowner’s Insurance in Corpus Christi, TX. Property insurance is all – encompassing as it covers theft, fire and flood damage. You’ll be in good hands with our professionally – trained, licensed experts who go above and beyond to satisfy you, our valued customer. When you buy a homeowner’s insurance policy, you not only are protecting your home, but your loved ones as well. Think of it as extra security for your investment. Our insurance policies cover fire and lightning damage as well as damage from hurricanes and windstorms. It’s the best policy you’ll find in Corpus Christi.

Ariel Garcia Corpus Christi GEICO

Ariel Garcia Corpus Christi GEICO Ariel has close to 40 years’ experience working in the insurance industry. With Corpus Christi being in the path of hurricanes that occasionally batter the Gulf Coast, he recommends purchasing hurricane insurance coverage for your home. If you’re a homeowner, you need insurance. Fire, theft and the possibility of being sued are all reasons to purchase homeowner’s insurance. Ariel offers a variety of policies suited for each customer. It doesn’t matter if you require broad coverage or limited protection in the range of $500 – $2,000, your local GEICO representative will get you on your way. What are you waiting for? Call now!

Moore Insurance Agency

Moore Insurance Agency Moore Insurance Agency offers competitive home insurance plans. We are a full-service home insurance agency serving Corpus Christi and surrounding communities. If you would like a free quote, simply fill out an application and submit online. When choosing Moore, you’ll get 24/7 customer support and the best service in town. When doing a homeowner’s insurance quote, Moore asks that you fill out information which allows us to better understand your needs. These questions include the state you currently live in, date of birth, your current insurance provider, employment, the year in which your house was built and any maintenance issues.