Top 10 Rated El Paso Electricity Providers & Energy Companies

MP2 Energy

MP2 Energy There are a few areas in which an electric company can outdo their competition: rates, reliability, and service. MP2 Energy has mastered all three. This company has investigated the most important aspects of providing the best energy and service as one of the local electricity companies. In identifying the areas of most importance, like retail power and demand response, this company was able to focus their work in those areas to offer more efficient services than ever before at lower prices.

Glacial Energy

Glacial Energy Glacial Energy is a company that was formed in 2005 and has been one of the fastest growing energy providers since. Reviews say the service of this company is always professional and reliable. It seems like their clients would not change anything about the service provided by these energy experts, so they must be doing something right. In addition to providing energy, they will also educate their clients about everything to do with electricity and power related issues including green energy as well as energy saving options.

Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy Cirro Energy is one of the El Paso energy companies offering power to both residential and commercial properties. While this is not unusual, what is unique is that this company is able to do so while offering relatively cheap electricity in both cases. This company prides itself on being hassle-free, simply operating as the best electricity providers they possibly can be without causing their clients any stress or trouble. The reliability and service are things that this company has and other electric companies in El Paso, TX truly lack.

4 Change Energy

4 Change Energy The first thing most potential clients consider when searching through options for energy providers is the rates. The first thing to do is compare electricity rates and this puts 4 Change Energy at the top of the list almost every time. The low cost energy this company provides throughout Texas is hassle free, reliable and always comes with easily accessible customer service. Clients can also manage their account and service online. Another aspect of this company that is appealing is their dedication and support of local charities.

Just Energy

Just Energy Energy is simply something we cannot live without, meaning it should be available at affordable prices but that isn’t always the case. Just Energy is one of the best energy companies in El Paso, TX because of their low rates and incredibly reliable customer service. This company does not just have one-size-fits-all packages either. They offer monthly variable, fixed rate and green energy options so there is really something for everyone from this power company. The already 1.6 million customers cannot be wrong about this service.