Top 10 Rated Houston Real Estate Attorneys & Lawyers

Padua Law Firm PLLC

Padua Law Firm PLLC Padua Law Firm, real estate lawyers (operating in other niches as well) in Houston TX, work to provide their clients with excellent service. They highlight that in today’s “highly-regulated, complex and competitive society” it is necessary to have knowledgeable legal staff on-hand to provide legal representation as well as legal advice. Padua’s real estate lawyers specialize in a number of categories in real estate law. These include: property contracts, commercial property transactions, foreclosure defense, property insurance disputes and Mexico property transactions (another niche). The firm has been in practice since 2007, and the firm’s attorneys all exemplify know-how, relentless work ethic and devotion, confidentiality and honesty as well as empathy.

The Weaver Law Firm

The Weaver Law Firm The real estate lawyers at Weaver Law Firm will fight for you and your decisions. Dubbing itself an aggressive law firm, Weaver will not leave you high-and-dry. Especially in real estate law transactions, the lawyers at Weaver believe that results are what matters, and they work to give you those results without charging a fortune. Specifically, Richard Weaver, real estate attorney in Houston, has been recognized and acknowledged by Super Lawyers and Texas Monthly respectively. While real estate litigation is his strong suit, Weaver also excels in business law and litigation as well as construction law.

Walker Law PC

Walker Law PC While the law firm Walker Law PC generally practices business law, there may be need of him in your more complex real estate transactions. If you are a business owner that is buying or selling property in the Houston TX area, John H. Walker, attorney at law, can help. He has been an attorney for more than 25 years and has worked on hundreds of cases during that time. Additionally, Walker worked as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) which gives him valuable insight into the complex world of business, real estate, taxes and well–money. A man with many strengths, Walker will do his best to provide you and your business with excellent legal advice regarding the purchase or sale of any real estate.

Silberman Law Firm PLLC

Silberman Law Firm PLLC A self-proclaimed “small firm”, Silberman Law Firm in Houston TX is in it for the little guy. The firm works mostly with small to medium businesses or individuals. Similarly, Silberman provides its clients with quality information for a smaller fee than a “big” law firm. Currently there are five lawyers on staff, including Silberman himself. The lawyers work together in some instances to ensure that their clients are receiving the best care possible–remember two minds are better than one. The real estate lawyers at Silberman operate by charging economical flat fees for simple real estate matters, and more complicated matters are usually taken on retainer. They also provide free consultations as an online service.