Top 10 Rated Houston Title Companies

First American Title Insurance Company

First American Title Insurance Company First American Title Insurance Company has been around for more than a century. They offer efficient, personalized services and products for the residential homeowner or the commercial property owner. In terms of residential services, this home insurance company offers vital protection against title issues such as forgery, fraud and liens. Similarly, First American Title offers title services for commercial property owners. These services include providing aid and advice during complex transactions like bankruptcies, loan modifications or commercial finance loan defaults. First American Title also provides services for parties who are involved in a real estate transaction. First American acts as a neutral third party who receives the funds, disperses the funds and ensures that the title is properly cleared and perfected.

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company Fidelity National Title Insurance Company can provide extensive knowledge and expertise on your commercial real estate investments. Whether the real estate transaction you need help with is multi-site, multi-state or international, Fidelity National Title knows the ins and outs of the financial, legal and regulatory facets of purchasing and selling commercial property. In addition, Fidelity National Title can help residential homeowners in clearing any undesirable title issues that could prevent or endanger them from selling or purchasing property. The team of underwriters at Fidelity National Title have helped with these issues in the past: judgments and orders of the court, pending litigation, zoning problems, foreclosure and bankruptcy, mortgage payoffs and releases, and other special coverage as needed.

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Operating at local, state, regional and national levels with offices, affiliates, authorized agents and approved attorneys, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company is there to meet your needs. As one of the largest title insurance groups in the United States, Old Republic has a stellar staff of experts to aid in complex and overwhelming real estate transactions. They offer single-point service to all clients, regardless of the size, complexity or geographic location of the properties. Old Republic National Title also offers lender services, REO/foreclosure services, builder services and realtor tools. They cover the spectrum when it comes to commercial or residential titles.

StarTex Title Agency LLC

StarTex Title Agency LLC StarTex Title Agency wants to help you protect your assets. Homeownership is a big step for most people, and StarTex Title wants you to realize that when buying a home, there may be unknown entities that can claim some ownership of your property. These include governmental bodies, contractors, lenders, judgment creditors or the Internal Revenue Service. It’s important to know what possible liens or claims there are on your potential home’s title otherwise in the future an uncleared title may lead to major problems. StarTex Title Agency can protect you from these possible problems, and they will help you clear the title through the proper procedures.

Alamo Title Company

Alamo Title Company The Alamo Title Company offers title services to real estate buyers and sellers in the Houston TX area. Their title information services provides title evidence for their clients as well as non-title insurance products. Their website offers headshots of the Alamo Title Company team, connecting you with real people in real time. Additionally, you can apply for an open title request online with just a few easy keystrokes. The going rate for an abstractor report at Alamo Title is $100 flat. This report includes current vesting, all voluntary and involuntary liens, legal description of the property and copies of the documents included with the title. Alamo Title in Houston TX will provide all of this information to you via electronic delivery.