Top 10 Rated Los Angeles Real Estate Agents

Joyce Rey

Joyce Rey With four decades, numerous records, and a track record of the most luxurious homes in California behind her, Joyce Rey has become a giant in the realty industry. Her level of insight into the property game has been passed onto her extensive team and this has made the Joyce Rey realty company the number one choice in Los Angeles. Joyce’s expertise is famous throughout the country and when looking for luxurious homes there is no better service than this one.

360 Realty

360 Realty At 360 Realty they believe that paying close attention to the details is key to having a successful sale of your property or finding your dream home. Their team is able to provide services as a commercial realtor or a residential real estate agent, so they have you covered in every eventuality. Not only do they provide a full range of services but they also have a long proven track record of incredible success. With their marketing campaigns and extensive network of connections you will find something to suit you.

Dilbeck Real Estate

Dilbeck Real Estate First and foremost a real estate agent should be a trusted advisor. This is exactly what the professional team at Dilbeck Real Estate provides their clients. With their knowledge of the Los Angeles property market you will have access to a wide range of tips that will make your search go by smoothly. They will help you with the negotiations with a sophisticated professionalism that is impossible to find anywhere else. They believe in providing a personalized approach and it is clear they achieve this with every client they serve.

George Chung Realtors

George Chung Realtors Amongst Los Angeles realtors there is no other that can meet the standards set by George Chung. The reviews left by previous clients have nothing but positive comments about every aspect of his service. The whole team at George Chung Realtors works tirelessly to get you the best deal on your home or your ideal next property. With professional negotiation skills, extensive knowledge of the market and an expertise in real estate that cannot be matched, you can rest assured you are in the best possible hands.

Modern Realty

Modern Realty For any of your realty needs in Los Angeles you should look no further than Modern Realty. They have experts in commercial and residential property, so you can be sure you will find the perfect place to purchase. These local real estate agents also have a great knowledge of the market trends so they can offer amazing advice on investments throughout the city. As full service realtors in Los Angeles, CA, Modern Realty is there to provide all the assistance you could need.