Top 10 Rated Raleigh Licensed Electricians

Briggs Electric Co.

Briggs Electric Co. Briggs Electric Co. is a licensed, bonded and insured local electrical contractors. The professionalism and the skill these technicians bring to any job make them the best option for electrical work in North Carolina. Since this company’s focus is on total customer satisfaction, you can be sure that the services are always dependable and affordable. You will get a free estimate even before you decide to work with this company too so you can be sure the rates this company charges are within your budget.

Crenshaw Electric Company

Crenshaw Electric Company Crenshaw Electric Company is owned and operated by a professional licensed electrician that always has the best interest of his clients at heart. This team can complete any electrical work you need done in your home. From installing new light fixtures during a renovation to adding a surge protector, these electricians will work quickly while also making sure the job is done well. For relatively cheap prices you can work with a company that always gets rave reviews from their clients and for good reason.

ProWire Services

ProWire Services Electrical work is not something that should be attempted by the average handyman. When you need an electrician in Raleigh, NC that will be able to work safely then you need the experts at ProWire Services. This independent electrical contractors offers everything from installations and repairs to maintenance and troubleshooting. This company’s flexibility and willingness to tackle any problem have given them a stellar reputation in the community. Since 2007, the technicians have been working to increase their skill set and to provide an even better service.

PowerMaster Electric

PowerMaster Electric Residential and commercial electrical work are both complicated and dangerous in their own way. Whether you need both or just one type of work, the experts at PowerMaster Electric have are qualified and trained for it all. Since the company began in 1998, the Raleigh electricians have been working to provide a service that will put their customers at ease and address any issue with precision. When you make an appointment with this team, they will keep it and will always be prompt and ready to work quickly.

R.L. Griffin Electrical Service

R.L. Griffin Electrical Service The best electrical company is the one that can meet your needs. You may have a 24 hour emergency electrical issue or be working on a home renovation project. Either way, you need a trusted company so you can be sure that the work is completed with expert workmanship. R.L Griffin Electrical Service provides their expertise for both home and commercial electrical projects. This means that you can rely on one company to meet the needs you may have at all of your properties.

CMC Electric

CMC Electric Whether you need Electrical repairs, upgrades, or new installations, CMC Electric is the best. Our electricians have the expertise and tools to complete the job to your satisfaction. CMC Electric is your team of trusted local electricians serving since 2005. Our team has successfully delivered thousands of residential and commercial electrical jobs, we can handle all your needs.