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Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen makes the biggest statement about your home. Professional design and installation can take your kitchen from small to spacious, from dated to modern. Custom cabinets, contemporary flooring, and premium countertops add a luxury to your home as nothing else can. Instead of a complete makeover you can substitute cabinet refacing for new cabinets. And if your cabinets still look up to date, you can redo your kitchen by replacing only the flooring and the countertops. Add new appliances to complete the look.

Bathroom Remodeling

A well-designed master bathroom is both comfortable and functional. Whether sitting in the tub or standing at the vanity, the tile installation determines the décor of the modern bathroom. Your designer or tile contractor can help you with the replacement of dated floor and wall coverings. He or she can show you how a large format tile installation can help a small bathroom appear to be bigger. Your plumbing contractor—experienced in both bathroom and restroom construction—can help you replace your bathtub and other bath fixtures. Refinishing or replacing the cabinetry can add the final touch.

Bedroom Renovation

Your bedroom has more to do with the quality of your daily life than you might think. It may not be necessary to hire a professional for decorating ideas. A trip to your local furniture company for new bedroom furniture, a comfortable mattress set, lighting, wall decoration, and other accessories can help give your room a restful ambience. But are leaking windows, temperature fluctuations, and the noise from interior and exterior mechanical systems keeping you awake at night? A good contractor can help you pinpoint and correct these and any other issues that could affect your sleep.

Laundry Room Remodel

Do you keep the door of your laundry room shut because of the chaos? An experienced remodeler can help you find the space that you didn’t know you had. Many storage and shelving options—both commercial and residential—are available to help you get organized. Use one of our reliable contractors to install tile or other water-resistant flooring. Replace those old cabinets with a laundry table complete with a large sink. And make sure your laundry room is bright and cheery by installing new lighting.

Basement Finishing

Finishing your unfinished basement can increase space and functionality. If it’s not dry, a contractor can help with exterior and interior drainage. When the basement is dry and properly ventilated, insulation can be installed. If you need a bedroom or office, your contractor can install, according to local building codes, a means of egress through the foundation wall. If you need a recreation room with a bar, he or she can use wall panels to create whatever space you want. And you can polish the concrete if you don’t want to use a traditional flooring material.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

If your swimming pool is a maintenance nightmare, consider consulting with a contractor who can replace your old equipment with the latest swimming pool technology. The interior of your pool can be repaired and resurfaced to create an inviting image beneath the surface of the water. The concrete pool deck can be cleaned and stained. Or you can replace the old deck with a concrete mix specifically designed for swimming pools. Add to the beauty of your pool with new landscaping and new furniture.

Garage Conversion and Repair

Have you been considering how to turn your garage into a room? Before doing any planning, keep in mind that most garages have no easy access to waste water drainage. So the most affordable living space won’t need any plumbing. Plumbing can be added but the concrete slab will have to be cut and repaired. Most of the building trades will be involved in the project‘s completion. So select a general contractor for garage conversion. If you only wish to rehab your garage, select a contractor who is familiar with modern storage solutions.

Mobile Home Improvement

Your mobile home can give you many years of reliable shelter—especially if it’s a manufactured house. Because mobile homes do not rest on permanent foundations, leveling problems can occur. Consult with a contractor whose business specializes in mobile home leveling and make sure your home is both level and secured with the proper hurricane straps. After your home is leveled, make sure your roof is in good shape and has not cracked because of settling. Because it sits near the ground, have your home inspected for any signs of termites.

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Whether replacing dated plumbing fixtures or finishing out the basement, updating your home or condo can add value, comfort, and style. While home remodeling is never cheap, in some cases you can apply for various government grants that could pay you to remodel your home—through subsidized or free incentives.

To have a pleasant and successful experience when renovating or remodeling requires detailed planning and execution. The design of the project, the choice of materials, and the quality of workmanship are the obvious components of a successful update—but not the only components.

Houses do not improve with age, and an experienced professional can see beyond the obvious to any underlying problems—such as foundation settling, decay, or other issues. These unseen issues can ruin the success of a project if ignored. We have searched for the best professionals in your area who will not cover up hidden problems but address them.

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