Top 4 Real Estate Tips For Selling Your House Fast

It’s important that you market and present your house well. A difference of just a few percent on a buyer’s offer can be several thousand dollars in your pocket. Here are some of the best real estate tips you can use when it comes to selling your house.

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#1 Hire a Home Stager

When you want your house to look good for you and your family, you hire an interior decorator or designer. But what about when you want it to look good for other people?

Your real estate agent will be happy to help you find someone to stage your home professionally. Your stager will re-arrange your home and help decorate and furnish it in order to make it look as large and comfortable as possible.

Depending on your home, they might rent furniture, purchase decorations, and work with general contractors perform small maintenance jobs. Your house will look clean and habitable when it’s shown to buyers.

#2 Stay Out of The House

Prospective buyers don’t want you hanging around when they view the house. Your realtor will work hard to keep you far away when they’re showing your home to interested parties.

Stay out of the picture and let the professional give the tour. Most buyers just want to look around the house without anyone interrupting them. If your expertise is needed to answer any questions, your agent will give you a call.

#3 Modern Marketing

People in the market for a home don’t look at newspaper ads or signs on the side of the road. Instead, they’ll use websites like YouthfulHome, Zillow, Trulia and others to look for homes for sale that fit their budget. It’s important to make sure that your home is well represented on these sites.

Your agent should hire a professional real estate photographer and spend some time writing a description that makes your house sound appealing. Do a few searches and see if you can find your home on these sites.

Does it appeal to you? Talk to your agent if you think your home could look better or if it’s missing from any of your searches.

#4 Price Appropriately

It can be tempting to price a bit above the market and try to get more money for your house. Be very careful here. According to Brian Robbins, an experienced real estate investor at HouseCashin, this is a bad idea. Brian adds, “You’re likely to waste a lot of money and keep your house on the market for months. Instead, price your home at slightly under market value.”

While you don’t want to go too low, if you attract multiple buyers you’ll usually wind up with an offer or two that’s well above your asking price. Your home will sell fast, which means you won’t have to pay interest on a mortgage. This will often make up any difference in price from listing your home slightly lower.

Make Your Home Fly Off The Market

Don’t let your house selling experience turn into a nightmare that takes months. Follow these tips to price and market your house appropriately to attract lots of buyers, fast. You’ll be able to choose from several offers and finish the whole selling process in just a few weeks.

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