6 Tips to Keep Your Marble Floors Clean and Shiny

Marble offers a luxurious home flooring option that boasts of beauty, sophistication, and elegance. To keep the shine and glimmer, marble floors require proper care and maintenance to prevent cracks, scratches, and stains.

Cleaning Marble Floors

Here are 6 handy marble floor cleaning tips that will help you maintain your floor’s luster for years to come:

#1 Sweep away all the grit

As with most highly polished stones, marble will definitely scratch. Use a dry and clean dust sweeper to remove the surface dirt left by slippers, shoes, pets, or rugs in your home.

When grits are left on the surface of a marble floor, they will etch the surface causing the floor to lose its gleam.

#2 Use marble sealers

Some stones like granites and soapstone are so dense that liquids can’t penetrate through them. On the other hand, stones like marble absorb liquids easily hence stain very fast.

Marble sealers will create an impenetrable layer on your floor that will prevent it from staining.

#3 Clean spills immediately

Marble floors are quite sensitive to acidic substances such as coffee, wine, fruit juices, sodas, vinegar, and cleaning detergents.

So if there is any spill on your floor, it should be cleaned right away; otherwise, your floor may stain and lose its luster.

#4 Use warm water

It is always recommended that you use warm water when cleaning your marble floors. The warm water will not etch the floor because it has a neutral pH.

The floor should be dried with a clean and soft cloth to keep it streak-free. Regularly mop your floor for an elegant finish.

#5 Polish the marble

Polishing your marble floors will reduce their absorbency rate and bring back the appealing color of the stone. Nonetheless, polishing should be done once in a while because it wears out the floor.

#6 Use rugs and mats

Place doormats or rugs inside and outside your house so that people can wipe their feet as they enter your home. Grit and sand are abrasive and may damage your marble floors.

Also, place items such as cabinets, light floor fixtures, coat racks, or just anything that comes directly in contact with your floor on mats. This will help prevent scratching.

Apart from just making our homes look stylish and neat, marble is also a durable flooring option that will last for years. Marble floor cleaning and care may seem like a daunting task, but by incorporating the above tips into a regular maintenance routine, you’ll effortlessly glide through the process.

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