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Bathtub Refinishing

Replacing a bathtub is not always the best or cheapest way to go. Demo and then install can be a sizable and pricey construction project. Reglazing is a more efficient and cost effective option, especially for older tubs. Do it yourself glazing kits can be less than $50, but you’re better with a trained local pro who has access to the latest technology for a long-lasting fix. For newer, lower quality (read: construction grade) tubs, a bath liner that is an exact acrylic replica of your current tub may be a simple inexpensive and quick turnaround option.

Bathtub Installation & Replacement

New bathtub costs can vary widely, as you might imagine. From inexpensive acrylic to cast iron to cultured marble, it’s just a question of how wide you care to open your wallet. Some heavier tub installs may require added material costs to reinforce joists in the floor. Removing an old tub can be a messy business, cutting the tub into pieces to haul it away, and then repairing any damage done. It is highly recommended to use the services of a trusted, licensed professional installer in your area to handle the entire process.

Shower Stall Remodel & Renovation

You’re not the sit-and-soak-in-a-bubble-bath type. A standup guy – that’s you. When considering a modern shower install, take in to account work that needs to be done behind the scenes – the walls and floors. Shower glass is a contemporary choice for shower stalls, but isn’t necessarily the cheapest option. When designing, consider the long game – what will you love that will also improve your home’s value? Before going all in redo your shower, consult a professional near you to see what shape the substructure of the bathroom is in, and get an estimate of what will be entailed in the remodel.

Shower Installation & Replacement

Thinking of a tub to shower conversion? For those of us on a tight budget, an acrylic or fiberglass shower stall kit is a great option. Just remember that real estate experts agree that a home should keep at least one tub – even in the basement – for resale value. Turnaround time is definitely quicker than a custom install. If you want the shower of your dreams, sit down with a trusted contractor who’ll explain the costs, and also may be able to offer an experienced estimate as to which options will add the most value to your home.

Tile Repair

Your beautiful tile floor is showing its age; a tiny crack here and there, loose tiles from crumbling grout, or perhaps a floor that is less than level. Seems like an easy DIY fix, right? Replacing individual tiles is exacting and tedious work, and a job not well done will catch your eye every time you enter the room, not to mention require repair even sooner. Hiring a pro to update damaged tile won’t necessarily break the bank, and it will offer you the satisfaction of knowing it was done right.

Complete Bathroom Remodeling

A total bathroom remodel! Beautiful, but at what cost? DIY-ers should consider the scope of renovation. Money may be saved, but time certainly won’t. There are always surprises once demo begins. Estimate time and effort as a real cost. Also consider the possibility of a full expansion – moving walls, adding floor space, new plumbing – and the skill level escalates quickly from DIY to trusted contractor. Have a specific plan and stick to it. Shop early for cabinets, sinks and countertops. Last minute custom add-ons to décor make costs soar. A reliable professional can save you money and frustration!

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You’re ready to create your dream master bathroom! But remodeling can be a daunting, expensive project. Answer a few tough economic questions about what you really need. Does the footprint work, or will the redesign expand the space? Refinish the bathtub, or install a tub to shower conversion? And how important is two sinks and countertop space?

Have a plan, and stick to it. Keeping existing plumbing in place is a great restoration cost saver. Find examples of your dream bathroom and source similar products much more affordable for your makeover.

A completely upgraded bathroom remodel is generally above the paygrade of your average DIY-er. It’s critical to find licensed contractors and service professionals in your area that you can trust. A great option is Youthful Home. We’ve researched and rated the best companies to provide trusted local pros who’ll treat your remodel as if it were their own.

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