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Professional carpet services typically offer a variety of different cleaning techniques and strategies depending on the condition your carpet is in. Also, the type of carpet matters as well. A berber carpet has to be cleaned differently than a persian carpet. It is important to find the right service that will take care of your needs with personalized attention. If you believe your home or office carpet is in need of cleaning, contact the company listed in our directory that best suits your needs.

Area Rugs

Area rugs, or rugs that only cover a portion of a floor, can be incredibly delicate. This means that special care and attention must be taken when washing them. These rugs come in numerous varieties, such as oriental or wool, and each type requires unique considerations during the process of dust removal, washing, and drying. Depending on yours, some cleaners may also want to use an organic protective spray after the initial cleaning. If your rug hasn’t been cleaned in over 6 months, one of the services or deals listed on our site can help you determine the right approach.


Cleaning upholstered furniture such as couches or sofas requires careful inspection and fabric testing that can only be properly performed by professionals. Hand cleaning, machine washing, or a combination of both, is usually used. Many factors determine which cleaning technique is best suited, including the age of the furniture. Just sitting down on an upholstered couch can transfer body oils, sweat, and odors. Additionally, pet hair and dander can be especially harmful and quicken the development of stains. It is not recommended that amateurs attempt to clean this type of furniture.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Over time, tile surfaces and floors accumulate dirt and lose their overall shine and luster. Unfortunately, usual cleaning methods such as scrubbing or mopping just don’t get the job done. This is because grout tends to absorb dirt and other muck, embedding itself to the tile. A professional contractor can help wash your tiles and ensure they maintain a clean appearance using specialized grout-sealing products. If you want to expand the lifespan of your tile surfaces, use our directory to select a qualified and affordable cleaning service.

Pet Stains & Odor Removal

Pets such as dogs and cats can be a nightmare when it comes to maintaining cleanliness around the house. Their tendency to constantly shed fur and spread dirt can make permanently removing stains feel like an impossible task. Pet urine, feces, and vomit can seep into the fibrous materials of carpets and rugs, making it difficult to fully clean them and eliminate foul odors. While many do-it-yourself cleaning products mask these smells, a professional can completely neutralize and remove them for a deeper clean. If your home has a smell it can’t shake, a professional can provide a real solution.

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Maintaining the cleanliness and quality of the carpets inside your residential home or commercial office is important for a few reasons. Regular cleanings help lengthen lifespans and ensure that warranties stay intact. Additionally, carpet cleaning can reduce allergens such as dust mites and promote a healthier living environment for everyone using that space.

While it may be tempting to clean your carpet all by yourself, it would be a waste of time unless you have access to professional equipment. Trained cleaners can provide effective, quick, and superior services such as bonneting, steam cleaning, and rotary shampooing. Many companies are also offering green, eco friendly cleaning techniques as well.

Finding the right professional in your local area can be a challenge. From scheduled cleanings to carpet emergencies, our site can help you connect with nearby top rated carpet and rug cleaning companies.

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