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Electrical companies are energy suppliers that offer services to residential and commercial properties. Because the market encourages businesses to compete with one another, energy supply companies have an additional motivation to promote sustainability. Companies strive to be energy efficient and some of them offer renewable resources as a source of power.

This way, providers offer a range of options that fit different power preferences depending on your location, whether you’d like to save money or go green. In deregulated markets, companies are also encouraged to provide affordable power plans with competitive rates and cheap deals that save you money.

However, finding the right local energy provider in your area can overload your circuits and leave you feeling frazzled. The good news is that our directory includes top rated electrical energy supply companies in your location that feature deals on high-quality power plans and provide reliable energy supply services.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does electricity cost?

For the March 2019, annual average costs for residential properties in the USA trend towards 12.90¢ per kWh, while commercial properties range around 10.68¢ per kWh. For reference, Hawaii residences have a high average of 32.76¢ per kWh, while Texas residential power rates are close to the national average at 11.36¢ per kWh.

The rate per kW/h your electric company offers you may depend on your average daily consumption: you may be offered a lower rate if you use more power. Though, it doesn’t mean keeping your lights on day and night is a good idea.

Electricity generated at power plants is first sold on the wholesale level to electrical companies, then distributed on the retail level to residential or commercial clients. In deregulated markets, some wholesalers stand out by offering high quality services for wholesale prices to large retail consumers, while retail electric companies markup prices to make a profit. Wholesale electricity prices change on a minute basis, depending on weather conditions, fuel price, location and other factors.

What is energy deregulation?

Energy or electricity deregulation is a reverse auction setup, which means that as a consumer, you benefit from companies offering their energy services at the lowest possible rate. In this market, the existing utility infrastructure transmits energy to homes or businesses, but does not set the rates that customers pay on their bills. Energy deregulation means that residents choose their own energy providers, which means you can find the best energy plan for your own specific needs. This encourages energy efficiency and energy consciousness. In other words, you pay for exactly the amount of power you need, and you conserve energy.

How to switch my electricity supplier?

When you find that your electricity company isn’t meeting your needs as efficiently as you’d like, it may be time to find an alternative provider. To switch your energy supplier, first confirm that you live in a deregulated state. A quick call or internet search is all it takes. Next, compare rates to find the best plan in your area compared with your personal usage history. You commonly need a recent energy bill and some information on your property’s size and how often you use electricity to make the best decision. Luckily, our directory has many providers for you to consider.

How to choose an energy provider?

With competitive energy markets, you can pick the best company for your residential or commercial property, according to your preferences. Depending on your location and options available, you can choose between various types of traditional electricity suppliers and companies that offer energy from green or renewable sources like solar power and wind. To find the best energy provider for your needs, be sure to analyze your current costs by reviewing previous energy usage on your bills. Consider pricing and plans for clean energy compared to traditional electricity means. Check reviews online to make sure the considered provider is reliable, so you will not suffer from regular power outages. When in doubt, contacting one of our directory’s suppliers will provide information you need to choose confidently.