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Home Buying

Realtors and real estate agents are a helpful resource when you’re looking to buy a new residential, vacation, or other residence. From searching for the ideal house to finalizing payments, buyer’s agents act in the best interest of those wishing to purchase a residence. A buyer’s agent will determine what a given client is looking for and can afford. From there, the agent will schedule appointments to tour residences, then advise clients on appropriate prices before negotiating an offer to present to the seller’s agent. Because they are legally bound to help their clients, buyer’s agents are guaranteed to be loyal to their clients.

Home Selling

A realtor or real estate agent is obligated to make selling residential properties including townhomes, coastal realty, and others easy for their client. Typically, real estate professionals see to pricing a home correctly according to the home’s value. These salespeople also handle marketing the property to attract buyers. Realtors or real estate agents also make sure buyers are qualified before their offer is accepted, then they negotiate the best terms and conditions for their clients. Seller’s agents also attend the home’s inspection and appraisal to represent the seller, in addition to wrapping up loose ends for the sale.

Home Rental

Real estate agents also help connect the right rental space with prospective tenants. A realtor or real estate agent minimizes the hassle of finding landlords and property managers that rent out apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and other house types. Though finding a residence might be overwhelming on your own, these professionals can search through specific neighborhoods for properties that fit their client’s size, price, and location preferences. Real estate agents that specialize in home rental are also happy to help tenants understand a lease before signing. Fees vary depending on location, so be sure to confirm costs before dedicating to an agent.

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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that 87% of homebuyers in 2015 took advantage of real estate agents’ services to help handle one of the greatest financial decisions people can make. Real estate agents and realtors are dedicated to streamlining the buying, selling, or leasing process for their clients. Common real estate services include clients benefitting from having a professional sift through home listings, negotiate prices, and handle legal documents and technical ins-and-outs of real estate transactions.

When it comes to a big investment like searching for a house to call home or finding new residents for your treasured residence, you want the process to be as transparent and clear as possible. Because many companies and offices claim to be the best realtors, our directory lists the top services in your area with good reviews and helpful websites so you can confidently hire the right local real estate professional for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is a real estate agent?

The term ‘real estate agent’ means a professional who assists in buying, renting, or selling buildings and property for clientele. A real estate agent is someone who has earned their real estate license after completing educational requirements that differ by state. Generally speaking, a real estate agent streamlines responsibilities of buying and selling a property for their client. Duties may include finding listings to tour, negotiating offers, overseeing appraisals, and more. A certified real estate agent works under a licensed real estate broker or company which is licensed to buy and sell properties on behalf of clients.

Who is a realtor?

A ‘realtor’ is a trademarked term with a loose definition. Real estate agents, salespersons, and professional realty services are dubbed as realtors after becoming members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). As a trade organization made up of real estate professionals, the NAR is not a federal or state real estate licensing body. A realtor can be a real estate agent, a managing broker, a broker-associate, a buyer’s agent, and other subsets. Overall, realtors act in their clients’ interests to achieve the best transaction through pricing homes, negotiating final costs, and more in accordance with the NAR’s strict code of ethics.

What exactly does a real estate agent do for sellers and buyers?

Real estate agents function in one of three roles: as a seller’s agent, a buyer’s agent, or a dual agent. A buyer’s agent’s purpose is to help sort through listings, negotiate a home offer, attend the property inspection, negotiate repair requests, and finalize the transaction. Similarly, a seller’s agent performs duties such as pricing a house correctly, vetting the buyer, negotiating price, and attending inspections and appraisals. Responsibilities of dual agents perform the role of both the buyer’s and seller’s agents. By earning commission from both parties, dual agents profit more and act as a neutral party in the transaction.

What does a realtor do for you?

A realtor’s duties include a range of responsibilities that all contribute to negotiating and arranging real estate transactions. With an aim for their client to benefit from the buying or selling process, these licensed individuals list houses for sale on a multiple listing service (MLS), advise on home selling, handle the transaction process on behalf of their client, submit offers for consideration, and explain documents and forms for their client’s understanding. A realtor can work for buyers and sellers alike to achieve the profitable outcome the client wants.

How to find a realtor or a real estate agent?

Finding the ideal realtor or real estate agent for your needs can be tricky, but is more easily managed by taking advantage of readily available websites and reviews. With online resources like our directory, you can go through the steps of picking the right service for you with ease. It is generally recommended that you review the agent or realtor’s past experience and customer reviews. Consider what licenses and credentials the given salesperson, company, or firm holds. Additionally, check listings to see what properties the agent or realtor currently features.

What is an average realtor commission?

Typically, a realtor completes between 5-6 deals a year at an average 2.5%-3% sales commission, while successful realtors help buy or sell around 50 homes a year for greater commission percentages. American realtors have a median gross income of around $39,200 in 2015 as reported by the US National Association of Realtors, while annual realtor income in Texas ranges between $63,640-$103,490.

What are average realtor fees for buyer and seller?

Often, the seller pays the commission of both seller’s and buyer’s agents, but sometimes the fees can be split between the seller and buyer. These fees are usually included within the property’s price, meaning that the fee is subtracted from the property’s final sale. On average, realtor fees make 6% of the property price. For example, while selling a $500,000 home, you will pay around $30,000 for realtors’ services, including both the buyer’s and the seller’s agents if you are paying both fees yourself.

Are all real estate agents realtors?

While the terms “real estate agent” and “realtor” can be used interchangeably in certain cases, the two titles are different from each other in distinct areas.

Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors, and may be brokers, a broker-associate, or other titles besides real estate agent.

While real estate agents are not required to be members of NAR, they still conduct business according to state regulations.

Both realtors and independent real estate agents are licensed real estate professionals who are qualified to work with clients on matters regarding buying, leasing, or selling property.

Realtor vs real estate agent - what’s the difference?

Realtors and real estate agents are both educated and experienced in terms of buying and selling properties. However, a real estate agent is not always a realtor, and realtors are not always real estate agents.

To achieve the title of realtor, a real estate agent, broker-associate, managing broker, property agent, or other salesperson becomes a member of the National Association of Realtors. The NAR has a strict code of ethics that realtors must follow, which includes values concerning integrity, mediation, dispute resolution, education, and more.