Top 10 Rated Austin Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service Providers

Platinum Carpet Restoration LLC.

Platinum Carpet Restoration LLC. There are few things tougher to clean than carpet of your home or business. While carpets are a nice comfortable flooring option, when it comes to getting them clean, the job really does require a professional service. Platinum Carpet Restoration, LLC offers carpet cleaning in Austin, TX as well as deodorizing and stain removal. The experts at this company use the best equipment to get you the deepest and longest lasting clean possible. This and their incredible service are what make this company great.

Organic Carpet Care

Organic Carpet Care While many people opt to scrub away at the carpet themselves due to the prices and chemicals of major companies, you should be looking into the incredible services of Organic Carpet Care. This company uses only the safest compounds, which are totally eco- friendly, to clean the carpets in your home. As Austin carpet cleaners, the owners of the company and expert technicians have your safety and health as one of their top priorities, obviously including their drive to provide the best services possible.

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning If you want a company with the abilities of a nationwide cleaner but the service of a small business, then you need to hire Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. This company operates throughout Travis County, offering the deepest clean for the most affordable prices. The technicians at this company are not only experts in carpet cleaning but in all floor cleaning. This makes them the perfect choice when it comes to having all of the floors cleaned in your home or business.

Dirt Free Carpet

Dirt Free Carpet Since 1980, Dirt Free Carpet has been offering the most comprehensive local rug cleaning services in Texas. This company has expanded to not just offer deep and thorough carpet cleaning but cleaning for all of the floors and rugs you may have in your home. These technicians have created their own process for providing you with the best possible clean. This means that they will customize their services to your needs whether you need an overall scrub or something more specific.

Maidtopia Cleaning Services

Maidtopia Cleaning Services If you need a home or office cleaning service that is cheap and reliable then you need to contact the professionals at Maidtopia Cleaning Services. This company is focused on serving the needs of their clients and maintaining the highest quality of work. This is made even clearer when you see their 100% satisfaction guarantee. This kind of service and confidence in their work ensures your house will be cleaner than it’s ever been and ensure you are totally happy with the services.

Austin's Young Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Austin's Young Carpet Cleaning & Repair Young Carpet Cleaning & Repairs is a small business that is focused on providing their customers with the most comprehensive rug cleaning. The trained technicians can steam clean carpet, upholstery and any other surfaces you may have. Whether you need them to get rid of the dirt from the daily use or need them to come in a clean because of an aging pet, they will do the job for a relatively cheap price. Read their reviews or just give them a call and experience the high quality service for yourself.