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How to Identify Best Austin Electricity Provider?

  • Are you currently looking to compare electricity rates in Austin? One thing is for certain: there are a lot of energy plans here to choose from.

    But, at the end of the day, your main objective is to go with a plan that is going to save you money. While the monthly usage of electricity in a household is generally determined by 1,000 kWh, the starting price per kWh can be anywhere from 3.5 cents to as high as 9.7 cents.

    Many energy providers in the Austin area divide their plans into popular, green and fixed rate. Finding the best electricity rates in Austin requires some research.

    Compare Electricity Plans

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  • When going through the process of choosing a plan, you can select the rate which you want. In this era of environmental awareness, many folks strive to reduce their carbon footprint, so to speak, and limit the amount of electricity they consume.

    Going green is a popular alternative and if you are somebody who values energy produced from renewable resources, green electricity may just be for you. Some companies will purchase renewable energy credits for the electricity you use, which enables you to make your rate plan 100 perfect green.

    Also, most green energy plans are set up on a monthly service, thus preventing you from having to choose a special rate or commit to a set term. When you use green alternatives, all of the electricity you use is put into the grid as renewable energy.

    As a plus, when you use green energy, you’re helping to preserve the environment. Alternative energy includes wind and solar, but they are typically not your lowest electricity rate options in and around the Austin area.

    Compare Electricity Rates


Top 10 Rated Austin Electricity Providers & Energy Companies

Just Energy

Just Energy There are a lot of things that seem to just keep going up in price and energy is one of them. While this rise is the norm, there are only a few energy companies in Austin. TX offering prices as affordable as seven cents per kwh. These rates are just one of the reasons Just Energy is one of the best providers in Texas. This company offers month-to-month energy plans rather than trapping their clients into long-term contracts. This truly puts you in charge of their services.

Texas Solar Power Company

Texas Solar Power Company Texas Solar Power Company is more than one of your average electric companies in Austin, TX. This company uses the latest technology to harness the power of the sun and help their clients do the same. Not only does this power company help to preserve our natural resources, but they help to make the most out of the renewable resources that are readily available in Texas. This clean energy source will not only be easy to set up for your home but it will save you money in the long run.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy There are countless Austin energy companies for residents to choose from, but the majority goes with Direct Energy as their primary electricity providers. This company will send a professional to your home or business to asses your needs and discuss what they can do to provide you with electricity and natural gas services. With plans that are perfectly suited to your life and your building or home, this electric company is also extremely flexible. This comes across very clearly in the reviews that have received from happy customers.


NRG NGR is a company a company that is dedicated to providing energy to your home. They offer some of the most environmentally friendly power solutions of any electric company. This can be seen in their home solar energy program. It is easy to compare electricity rates when it comes to using natural gas vs. using solar energy. While both are effective, only the solar option from these professional energy providers will save you money the longer you use this option.


Stream Stream is not just one of your local electricity companies. This company can totally customize your energy services to provide you with cheap electricity without compromising the quality of their services. In this industry, it is unusual to find an electric company that is so flexible. Because energy is a must-have, it shouldn’t just come in packages that would generally suit the masses. This philosophy is what this company has built upon in order to offer reliable and affordable services.