Top 10 Rated Austin Home Insurance Companies

Strive Insurance Group Inc

Strive Insurance Group Inc Strive Insurance Group, Inc. is a full-service company offering competitive rates for homeowner’s insurance. Before purchasing home insurance, it’s necessary to determine the amount you need. To put it this way, whatever the coverage limit of your house is, it should equal 100% of the replacement cost. You also have to take into consideration personal liability limits as well. Learning the ins and outs of homeowner’s insurance can be a complex task, but we make it simple for you. Another issue to look at is the addition of endorsements for your policy. Some people purchase identity theft endorsement or protection of jewelry.


GEICO GEICO has some of the best rates and options for homeowner’s insurance in Austin. Our agents are all licensed by the state of Texas. They provide strong advice to customers like you so you will know exactly what is available and what you need for your home. We guarantee that you will get the proper insurance for you needs. Unlike some companies, our service is personalized. You’re an individual with specific needs, not a mere number or consumer. We’ve been a part of this community for many years and are your neighbors and friends. Best of all, our mandate is to save you as much as possible for homeowner’s insurance.

Britton and Britton Insurance

Britton and Britton Insurance It is folly not to insure your most prized possessions, your home being one of them. Whether you own a home, condo or are renting, homeowner’s insurance covers you. At Britton and Britton, we provide you with comprehensive insurance packages that give a lot of coverage. Homeowner’s insurance also helps to pay for repairs if your home has been damaged. Your homeowner’s insurance with Britton and Britton covers property damage caused by vandalism, theft, storms, lightning, hail and fire. We are one of the leading home insurance companies in Austin. Click on our website or stop over and chat with us. We’ve got you covered.

Southwest Insurance Center

Southwest Insurance Center If you’re looking for the best home insurance in Austin, look no further than Southwest Insurance Center. Simply put; homeowner insurance is something you cannot live without. It’s vital to protect you, your family and everything you’ve worked hard for. As with everything else, premiums rise over time to levels that become unaffordable, forcing people to switch insurance companies. One advantage of choosing Southwest Insurance Center is that our independent agents compare rates for you. But after seeing what our competitors offer, you won’t want to deal with anyone but us. We’ve been in this town for decades and know the insurance industry inside and out.

Watkins Insurance Group

Watkins Insurance Group We offer some of the best rates for homeowner insurance in Austin. On hand is a dedicated team of insurance professionals who are here to help you. Come in to our office and we will discuss the options and coverages available to you. Additionally, we will complete a replacement cost estimate for you. There is much to know about why homeowner insurance is so vital; water damage, sewer back up, fire are just a few of the unfortunate things that can happen. Watkins provides coverage for single family homes, high-value homes, rental properties and as well insurance for those renting apartments as well as condominiums.