Top 10 Rated Baltimore Electricity Providers & Energy Companies


Exelon As one of the most competitive electricity providers in the country you can trust Exelon to deliver low rates and reliable energy at any time of the year. This service now provides power to millions of homeowners and businesses and has become of the leading energy companies in Baltimore, MD. Knowing that Exelon is also dedicated to innovation, development and clean alternatives means you can be sure that this company will take you into the future of energy as technology progresses.

Allied Power Services

Allied Power Services Allied Power Services is one of the best ways of saving on your electricity in Maryland. This power company provides its clients with the opportunity to compare electricity rates so they can see that they really are getting one of the most affordable options in the state. The expert team is dedicated to finding you the best deals and also aim to keep the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. There are no fees for signing up and you can enroll in three steps.

IDT Energy

IDT Energy At IDT Energy they believe in putting the power of choosing the right energy providers back into the hands of the consumer. With their focus on their customer you will receive a quality of service that is unmatched by any of the other electric companies in Baltimore, MD. With a generous reward system, a refer a friend program and amazing additional services there is no other service in the state that compares to IDT Energy. In addition to providing a great service they are also a fantastic eco-friendly alternative.

Grid Energy

Grid Energy With the continuous development of the electric industry it is better to know that you have a professional team looking out for your interests. Grid Energy has the knowledge of nationwide service yet the personal touch of local electricity companies. This results in reliable energy at all times, some of the best prices in the country and access to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Grid Energy also gives clients access to technology development and data analysis.

Commerce Energy

Commerce Energy If you are looking for an electric company that is always looking to simplify their services and improve their customer service, then you should turn to Commerce Energy. Amongst Baltimore energy companies this service stands out due to their dedication to protecting their clients from an ever-changing market. Even if energy rates increase you will continue to have cheap electricity with your fixed rate agreement. Reviews mention that this kind of stability provides complete peace of mind and means clients are able to budget long-term costs easily.