Major Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops You Need to Know for Your Home Remodeling Project

  • Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

From Roman baths to Greek statues, marble​ has been used for centuries. And, it has remained a sophisticated, classic, and timeless choice for many. Popular usage of marble includes countertops, bathrooms, bath tops, flooring, and fireplaces etc.

Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

But when it comes to using marble for designing countertops, the opinions are divided. Some people really appreciate the stunning beauty and natural elegance of this stone.

Others may want a sturdy and robust material that doesn’t require frequent maintenance. Keep reading in order to reveal the major pros and cons of marble countertops.

Marble Countertops Pros and Cons: In this section, you will explore a complete list of the meaningful advantages and disadvantages of marble countertops.


#1 Stunning Beauty:

The elegant, sophisticated, and stunning look of marble is the most appealing factor. Many people select this natural stone for designing countertops for this particular reason. Also note, each marble slab has its own beauty and unique design and no two slabs can be exactly alike.

#2 Heat Resistant:

Marble is heat resistant. And, that’s why this material is widely used in kitchen countertops. Marble countertops are also used for fireplace surrounds since this natural stone can withstand occasional sparks on its surface.

#3 Naturally Cool:

Marble stays cool naturally. It’s not a big heat conductor. Therefore, with marble countertops, you will enjoy a naturally cool surface to work with.

#4 More Designing Options:

Marble is a soft stone. This unique property of marble allows the fabricators to craft attractive designs on it. If you are looking for fancy edges, unconventional designs, or complex shapes, marble can be an appropriate choice for you.

#5 Easily Available:

It may be quite difficult to track down or find the ideal quartz or granite slab that will perfectly complement your interior. On the contrary, marble is widely available and it can be easily found in most fabricators or stone yards.


#1 Stains and Scratches:

As marble is a pretty soft stone, any sharp object can cause scratching on it. Plus, some acidic liquids or food may cause etching. However, if you are willing to embrace the natural patina that will be developed over the time, then this won’t be a big issue for you.

#2 Porosity:

Compared to granite, marble is more porous. Thus, the liquids that tend to penetrate the surface will be difficult to remove (if you are using marble countertops).

#3 Maintenance:

Marble is a delicate stone and it requires more care than quartz or granite. Since the stone is pretty softer, regular sealing and frequent maintenance are important.

The Final Verdict:

Marble countertops are simply beautiful and timeless. It offers tremendous durability. However, marble is generally more expensive than other stone countertop options. Marble countertops will beautify and brighten your homestead, they are easy-to-clean and great for baking.

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