Top 10 Rated Boston Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service Providers

Hexatrac of Boston Inc

Hexatrac of Boston Inc Hiring the expert Boston carpet cleaners at Hexatrac of Boston, Inc. means extending the life of your floors and the look of them too. This company will address problem areas and clean the entire surface to ensure the health of the carpet and the quality is maintained. With carpets that are perfectly maintained, you will save money when you do not have to replace them for twice as long. It should also be noted that this company uses only 100% natural ingredients to get the best results.

A1 Carpet Care of Boston

A1 Carpet Care of Boston A1 Carpet Care of Boston is one of the best companies in the area when it comes to treating entire rooms. By using the latest techniques and equipment, this team is able to get even deeper into the fibers of the surface. Using a truck-mounted system, they are able to extract the dirt and grime and leave you with a carpet that looks, feels and smells new. Reviews of this service are always amazed by the transformation that a carpet can go through with just one cleaning.

The Red Carpet Company

The Red Carpet Company When you call The Red Carpet Company you will first be treated to a free estimate for the carpet cleaning you have requested. Once you have heard the relatively cheap rates per room as well as the 7-step cleaning process, you will be booking this team for regular cleaning appointments. They will not just clean the room but they will vacuum, move the furniture and spot treat the area too. One of the most appealing features of this carpet cleaning in Boston, MA is that the surface will dry within a few hours, not days.

Tilton Cleaning and Restoration

Tilton Cleaning and Restoration When you hire Tilton Cleaning & Restoration, they will always do their absolute best work to back up their 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Their philosophy is simple: if you are not happy with their work then you do not have to pay. This includes the company coming back within 90 days of a cleaning to offer any extra spot treatments too. This along with the affordable prices is just a selection of the reasons you should trust these experts to clean your carpets.

Regal Fabric Care

Regal Fabric Care Keeping your carpets and fabrics in your home clean is the only way to guarantee you and your family stay healthy all year round. This is why so many Massachusetts families request the professional local rug cleaning services of Regal Fabric Care. The incredibly knowledgeable technicians will come and assess which cleaning technique would be best for the area. From there, they go through their cleaning process with your satisfaction as their main concern so you can always be sure that you will be happy with the results.