Top 10 Rated Charlotte Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service Providers

Metro Steamway

Metro Steamway Getting your carpets cleaned is essential to keeping your home fresh and healthy all year round. The experts at Metro Steamway have the experience and the modern equipment needed to remove tough stains and dirt from the floors in your home. You will be amazed by the transformation and will quickly become a loyal customer. Carpet cleaning in Charlotte, NC does not have to be expensive, which is why this company completes precision work for affordable prices to make their services more available to North Carolina residents than ever before.

X Treme Carpet Clean

X Treme Carpet Clean The dirt that a regular vacuum misses is something that only a professional carpet cleaner can remove. This is why many homeowners in North Carolina hire the experts at X-Treme Carpet Clean. This company offers the most modern and effective techniques to provide your home with the deepest clean. This paired with their experience make the technicians the best at what they do. This level of service and reliability is exactly what reviews of this company rave about in addition to the low prices.

MMA Cleaning Restoration

MMA Cleaning Restoration MMA Cleaning Restoration offers the highest quality local rug cleaning services. This company can focus on different aspects of your carpet or provide an overall cleaning that will leave the entire space feeling fresh and new. The technicians at this company use a truck mounted hot water extraction system that has been proven to be the most effective method of carpet cleaning. They also offer stain removal, repairs and a pet odor treatment that will protect your carpet from possible future damage.

DC Dry Chem

DC Dry Chem DC Dry-Chem offers all of the carpet cleaning you could need to keep your home in tip top shape. This includes upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, and pet odor removal. When you need a carpet cleaning company that can work efficiently for relatively cheap prices, this is the best one in the area. This company is always offering deals and discounts so you can even make the cleaning more affordable and then use the service more often to ensure your carpets are as clean as possible throughout the year.

New Again Carpet Cleaning

New Again Carpet Cleaning New Again Carpet Cleaning offers complete cleaning services as well as restoration and they are even available for 24 hour cleanings as well. When you need them the most, this team is there to help. Whether you are interested in reviving the look of your home by giving your carpets a fresh cleaning or would like to make the space healthier, the solutions offered by this company can do it all. As Charlotte carpet cleaners this company is focused on your satisfaction.