Top 10 Rated Chicago Licensed Electricians

Belcore Electric

Belcore Electric Why trust any other electrician in Chicago, IL when you have access to a family owned and operated service that has been based in the city since 1948? Belcore Electric has been passed down through three generations and over the years has built up a reputation for being the friendliest and most professional service in the city. This is not only seen in the success of the company but also in the countless reviews filled with praise for their work.

Face Electric

Face Electric With the free consultation provided by Face Electric you will never again have to hesitate before contacting the best electrician in Chicago, IL. Not only will their straightforward prices give you peace of mind but you will see that they are one of the most affordable electrical services in the city. Every electrician that works for this team is highly skilled and is able to respond to a wide range of problems or electrical needs. Don’t fall for a service that will provide cheap low quality repairs, opt for the best in Illinois.

A Plus Electrical Services Inc.

A Plus Electrical Services Inc. While some Chicago electricians will offer their clients a small selection of services, there are very few that provide a comprehensive range. A+ Electrical Services Inc. is one of the few companies in the city that can do everything from installing outdoor lighting to re-wiring a range of appliances. Reviews always mention that an electrician from this company will be able to immediately identify any problem and will arrive ready to carry out any necessary work. Knowing you can call on these independent electrical contractors at any time will give you great peace of mind.

Handyman Matters

Handyman Matters The team of electricians at Handyman Matters understands that the majority of homeowners and business owners will not think about their wiring until there is a problem. This is why this company has made it possible for any resident of the city to have direct access to a licensed electrician as soon as they need one. From commercial installation projects to minor residential repairs, the electricians from Handyman Matters will respond quickly and will have the job finished before you know it.

John J. Pempek Inc.

John J. Pempek Inc. Often commercial property owners will find it frustrating how many local electrical contractors do not serve their needs. If you want more than the average residential electrician then you should hire the services of John J. Pempek, Inc. This professional team has experience with a wide range of industrial electrical installations and machinery wiring. Not only do they have the skills necessary to provide assistance but this team is available to you on a 24 hour basis in case of any emergency.