Top 10 Rated Columbus Kitchen Remodelers

Kitchen Solvers

Kitchen Solvers At Kitchen Solvers they want their clients to come with their wildest ideas and dreams as a basis for their ideal kitchen. They will take on whatever you describe and transform it into a design that you will instantly love. They concentrate on each detail and make it absolutely flawless. This professional approach has made this Columbus kitchen remodeler one of the top choices in the city. Every review left by their clients is filled with praise for every aspect of the service. These professionals will take care of everything.


Teeters Teeters offers a set of skills and industry knowledge that is unrivaled when you consider other local remodeling companies. For kitchen remodeling in Columbus, OH, this company offers complete customer service as the technicians use the latest technology and techniques. They guarantee their work and ensure that the relationship they build with you throughout the remodeling process is one that is fruitful and enjoyable. If you want the best results and to enjoy a remodeling project rather than dreading it, then working with this team is a must.

Wingler Construction & Remodeling

Wingler Construction & Remodeling Wingler Construction & Remodeling understand exactly what a kitchen means to a family. It is the center of most homes and as such it should be a space that everyone in the family loves. This kitchen remodeling contractor does everything to design this room to suit the exact needs of each client. You will not be receiving the same old kitchen design as everyone else but the project will be carefully tailored to your personality and style. This means that you can have your dream kitchen and at some affordable prices too.

Direct Home Improvements

Direct Home Improvements There are so many poor-quality remodelers that use cheap materials in Columbus that homeowners regularly choose not to have any work done at all. Direct Home Improvements has been working to change this view of the remodeling industry and applies their three decades of experience to create some of the most incredible kitchens in Ohio. Not only is the work of this company of the highest quality but reviews left by previous clients always mention that Direct Home Improvement’s customer service is unbeatable.

Great Scott Kitchens & Remodeling LLC

Great Scott Kitchens & Remodeling LLC By paying special attention to the details of the design the professionals at Great Scott Kitchens & Remodeling LLC are able to craft an ideal kitchen for every one of their clients. With a wide knowledge and understanding of the industry they are able to make priceless suggestions on materials, styles and ways to utilize space that puts them way ahead of the competition. Above everything else the builders at this company treat your home with professional respect at all times.