Top 10 Rated Detroit Cleaning & Maid Service Providers

Excellent Maids

Excellent Maids A maid service in Detroit, MI needs to be affordable, reliable and flexible, which is exactly how the reviews would describe the service of Excellent Maids. For relatively cheap prices you can hire the best house cleaner in the businesses to come and give your home a through cleaning. These maids have the experience to know when they need to focus on problem areas and when they will be able to provide a clean finish, though they will always complete the tasks that are part of their normal process or requested by you.

Maid Aide

Maid Aide Whether your life is getting too hectic or you simply would prefer to have professional assistance, Maid Aide offers complete residential cleaning work in Michigan. This company does also offer a commercial cleaning service but their most popular work is in cleaning homes. This is not just a large corporation of janitors but a local house cleaning service that offers competitive prices and 15 years of experience in the industry. You will always get the most thorough results when you work with this team.

Maid Detroit

Maid Detroit One of the best things about working with Maid Detroit is that it is incredibly easy to schedule an appointment with a professional housekeeper in Detroit. All you need to do in order to make a cleaning appointment online is to give your address, the number and types of rooms you would like cleaned and the times that are most convenient. This kind of booking makes it easy to reserve a maid for a seasonal clean or to book the services for regular sessions.

Hazel Maintenance Service

Hazel Maintenance Service Hazel Maintenance Service offers everything from an office cleaning service to house cleaning on a regular or one-time basis. While this team does have a set list of tasks that need to be achieved at each appointment, they are flexible in terms of scheduling and customizing the cleaning work that they do in your home. You can hire their basic services or request more intensive cleaning for the tile and grout. You can even ask for the maids to only use environmentally friendly products too.


Beverly Beverly is a one of the top Detroit cleaning services for janitorial and seasonal cleaning work. This company specializes in these two areas of the cleaning industry and is able to offer the most comprehensive services in each. At some of the most affordable prices, you will be able to have this company come to your business on a regular basis to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned or you can have this team come to your home every few months to prepare the space for the new season ahead.