Top 10 Rated Detroit Garage Door Repair Service Providers

LifeTime Door Services

LifeTime Door Services When you are experiencing an issue with your garage door, a costly garage door replacement is not the answer when you can call LifeTime Door Services for affordable repairs. For many years, this company has been providing some of the most reliable repair solutions for Michigan homeowners. What makes this company the best local garage door openers is their dedication to quality in every aspect of their work. This excellence can be seen in every detail from the craftsmanship to the customer service.

Community Garage Door

Community Garage Door Community Garage Door is a Detroit garage door repair service with some of the most experienced and friendly technicians in the business. Whether there has been damage to the structure of the door or a problem with one of the fixtures that holds it in place, these experts will easily be able to assess what needs to be done so you can have your residential garage door working perfectly again in no time. The family-owned and operated service offers incredible customer service too.

Town and Country Door LLC

Town and Country Door LLC Having your garage door come off of the track or having a spring break can put a wrench in your day. This is why the team at Town & Country Door LLC do not only offer garage door repair in Detroit, MI but they offer the fastest and most efficient services so that you can get on with your day with as little interruption as possible. This company has been selling, installing and fixing broken garage doors since 1996 and has even won awards for their work.

West Metro Door

West Metro Door West Metro Door is a company that offers all of the garage door services you might ever need, they are even available for 24 hour emergency calls too. Being there when you need them most as well as maintaining cheap prices compared to the industry averages is all part of this company putting their customers first. The professional technicians will easily be able to fix any problem you may have and will do so as quickly and as affordably as possible.

Premier Door Service

Premier Door Service Whether you are looking to replace your existing door, have a new build and need a door installed or are having operational issues with your door, you can call Premier Door Service and they will have a solution that suits your budget and your schedule. This company has highly trained technicians that are solely focused on working with garage doors. They are able to assess what needs to be done and will keep you informed throughout the process, a service reviews rave about.