Top 10 Rated Detroit Home Security & Alarm System Companies

Concord Camera Systems

Concord Camera Systems One of the most effective ways to protect your home or business is to have video surveillance installed from Concord Camera Systems. This company offers affordable cameras that can be strategically placed in your home or business to ensure your property is safe at all times. Reviews of this company cannot say enough about the quality of their cameras and the customer service that is provided to ensure they are installed and working properly. You will be able to rest easy knowing you have top quality monitoring.

Safety Systems Inc

Safety Systems Inc Rather than dealing with the aftermath of a security breach to your home, you can take preventative measures and work with Safety Systems Inc. to choose a home alarm system. This company offers first alert home security systems in Detroit, MI that have been specifically designed to keep intruders out while also being easy for you to control. Different systems are better suited for multi-story businesses or single story homes, so this professional team will help you choose the right system for your property.

A and B Alarm Systems

A and B Alarm Systems A & B Alarm Systems is one of the most popular local alarm companies because of their range of systems that they offer. This company doesn’t just focus on alarms but rather on protecting your home from any potential threat. You will be able to choose a system that can be controlled from your smartphone or choose one that immediately sends a distress call to the local authorities when there has been a threat. All of the systems from this Michigan company come at relatively cheap prices too.

Vigilante Security

Vigilante Security Vigilante Security is a popular Detroit home security provider because the company has the best systems and stellar customer service. You will be able to talk to an expert about your fears and how you would like to keep your home protected. They will help you choose the home alarm systems to suit your needs and then will come and install the systems and ensure you are fully versed in how to operate them. This kind of care is the only way to ensure you are getting the most out of your protection services.

FE Morgan Security Solutions

FE Morgan Security Solutions Keeping your home and your family protected starts by working with FE Morgan Security Solutions to determine which system would best suit your needs. This company offers home and business security solutions that range in the amount of control that you have, the amount of maintenance that is needed and how much protection you have. With systems that range from intrusion detection to temperature monitoring, you can be in control of your home at all times, knowing everyone and everything inside is safe.