Top 10 Rated El Paso Tree Service Providers

EP Landscape Contractors

EP Landscape Contractors While it can be tempting to go to cheap tree pruning contractors when you have a problem with a tree on your property, most regret doing so. EP Landscape Contractors have amazing reviews from previous clients due to their understanding of needing to leave the area properly landscaped after the tree has been removed or cut back. They can also assist in tree planting and give plenty of useful advice on the maintenance of healthy and vibrant trees on your land.

Hulk Tree Service

Hulk Tree Service From immovable tree stumps to large ugly trees, Hulk Tree Service has seen and solved it all. There are many tree care companies that offer great services but eventually let their customers down. Whether it is trying to keep a struggling tree alive or removing one entirely, the experts at Hulk Tree Service are able to assist you with their impeccable service. Their workforce is made up of highly experience technicians using quality equipment, to ensure they do the job right the first time around.

Evergreen Lawn Service

Evergreen Lawn Service When it comes to finding a tree service in El Paso, TX, many forget that landscaping companies offer affordable options for their local tree trimming service and stump removals. In fact, a company such as Evergreen Lawn Service can provide a better quality service for El Paso tree removal by combining their understanding of landscaping and grounds maintenance. This means that they will always ensure their work never causes unnecessary damage to the surrounding area and only affects what they were called to assist with.


Delta The team at Delta has a wide range of skills from pest control to lawn services. One of their most sought after services is their tree or shrub care. This makes Delta into the go-to place for any problems you may be having with your trees. They are able to treat your tree to encourage growth or offer full tree cutting options. No matter what their customers need, Delta and their professional highly trained technicians are able to offer full assistance.

Lumberjack Joes

Lumberjack Joes At Lumberjack Joe’s they understand how important a tree is to the landscape of a property. From the customer appeal of commercial properties to the sentimental attachment of the tree in the yard, their arborists work to ensure the tree is healthy and will remain so for a long time after they leave. If the tree needs to be completely removed then they offer some of the best prices in Texas. Lumberjack Joe’s also have great discounts continually available for their customers, to make their service even more affordable.