Top 10 Rated Fresno Home Security & Alarm System Companies


Vivint Vivint provides a unique approach to security solutions and is one of the most advanced Fresno home security companies. They believe in bringing all of your security needs into one place. After they have offered their free installation and you have chosen the right package for you then you will receive a full range of complimentary extras. These include a free smart lock, doorbell camera and garage door control. You can choose the exact connections, controls and security that suits your family and Vivint will help you install it all as soon as possible.

GHS Interactive Security

GHS Interactive Security By using the latest home security systems in Fresno, CA, GHS Interactive Security has quickly become one of the top choices for cheap yet reliable security solutions. Each member of the advisory team is committed to making you feel as safe as possible. GHS Interactive Security can provide expertise for both residential and commercial properties that is tailored to the exact need of each client. You will be able to install a wide range of security solutions for some of the most affordable prices in California.

Look Home Security

Look Home Security One of the best alternatives to a full security installation is to have Look Home Security install a completely free home security system. Starting from $8 per week you will receive some of the most dedicated and sophisticated home and business monitoring in Fresno. Look Home Security will provide a smart home system that is far more comprehensive than many local alarm companies due to providing protection from a full range of threats. With video monitoring options that will also be monitored by professionals, you and your home will be completely secure.


Interias For the highest quality security solutions in Fresno you should turn to Interias. Every member of this company’s team is a true professional and knows how to make a home or business secure. Interias has knowledge of all of the most modern systems and will be able to install it quickly into your home. This means that if you have any security worries, calling this company is the most efficient way to get all of your questions answered and your family and belongings safe.

Monitronics Security

Monitronics Security Since 1994 Monitronics Security has been protecting the homes of Fresno. Their home alarm systems and specialized business security equipment provide a full range of the safest solutions. Monitronics Security is able to provide protection from burglary, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies and fire. This means you can have peace of mind that your home, belongings and family are completely safe and are being monitored by a professional team of security experts. Monitronics Security’s range of awards and praise-filled reviews will have anyone convinced that this is best company in Fresno.