How To Choose The Best Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your House

Selling your home is a huge financial transaction. The final closing price will likely be hundreds of thousands of dollars. A difference of just a few percent in either direction could be enough money to buy a car.

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It’s important to have the very best Realtor by your side throughout the process to help ensure the sale of your home is easy and fast. But which real estate agent should you choose? Here are some tips to help you find the best real estate agent to help you sell your house fast.

#1 Choose Someone With Local Experience

When you’re shopping around for agents, ask them how many houses they’ve sold in your neighborhood. “The realtor you choose should be closing a minimum of 3 transactions every month to be able to provide the best representation and be relevant in the current market,” said CJ Dubois-Cote, a licensed realtor from Southern Maine, in her recent interview conducted by Real Estate Bees.

There’s no definitive answer you’re looking for here, but try to find someone who’s sold at least two or three houses close to yours in the last  year.

Each neighborhood attracts a different set of buyers and comes with its own unique challenges. An agent with experience will know how to play to the strengths of your home and market it to the right set of buyers.

#2 Choose Someone You’ll Listen To

It can be tempting to use your friends or family members as your real estate agent. While they’ll love it if you do, you should think carefully before you approach them. There are two important reasons you might want to choose someone you only have a professional relationship with.

Kristina Morales, a licensed Realtor advises, “First, you’ll probably disclose some financial details to your agent that you might not want to share with your friends or family members. Second, you’re paying several thousand dollars for the advice and guidance of your real estate agent.”

Most of us have a hard time taking the advice of our friends and family members as professional counsel. You’re less likely to have the kind of frank business talks with an agent you know than one who’s an acquaintance or total stranger.

Even if you decide not to use a close friend or family member for the sale of your home, you should still approach them first. Talk to them and tell them that you’re not sure you want to strain your relationship. They’ll be happy to recommend another agent.

If you already have one in mind, your friend or relative can usually earn a small referral bonus by being the one to contact them first. This advice still applies when you’re comparing agents who you’ve never met.

If you don’t think you’ll listen to someone who’s just out of college, don’t choose a young agent. Even if they have a better sales record than their competitors, you won’t get any value out of an agent you ignore.

#3 Choose Someone With a Team

Finding a real estate agent isn’t just about the agent themselves. The sale of your home will involve many professionals, including inspectors, contractors, photographers, a home staging professional, and more. Look for an agent who works with a dedicated team of individuals who can help throughout the selling process.

Check out the previous listings the team has worked on. Do you like the photographs? Does the appearance of the home appeal to you? Are you happy with the marketing material?

The Best Agent For Your Home

Realtors love to distribute their information anywhere they can, so finding one isn’t hard. Finding the best one for your home is a bit trickier. By following these tips, you’ll choose someone who you can trust when it comes to selling your home. You’ll be confident in your agent’s knowledge, you’ll listen to their advice, and you’ll be sure that they’ve got the team necessary to market your home to potential buyers.

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