Top 10 Rated Humble Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service Providers

Carpet Cleaning Humble

Carpet Cleaning Humble There are plenty of reasons to call the professional team at Carpet Cleaning Humble. Their extensive cleaning services can help to make your home a healthier and happier place. The Humble carpet cleaners know everything there is to know about the kinds of carpets there are and which methods are best for cleaning each. They don’t just offer the same services for every surface, but rather specialize their work to be more effective and provide clients with the deepest clean possible.


AquaTec If you want to work with a straightforward carpet cleaning company then you should look into the services of AquaTec. This company clearly lays out all of their rates for every size room you could imagine. In addition, they also make it clear that they can work to provide a specialized pet treatment or stain guard. Using the latest and most powerful equipment these technicians are able to achieve amazing results. For relatively affordable prices, you too can have these experts clean the carpets in your home and totally refresh the space.


Masterclean When looking for a cheap company that offers local rug cleaning services many homeowners make the mistake of turning to an under qualified one. Masterclean has made it their mission to offer all of their services at affordable rates without ever compromising on quality. They have been proudly serving the residents of Humble and the surrounding areas for many years. Their cleaning service has earned a reputation over this time for being reliable, efficient and always being administered by a friendly technician.

Simply Clean Carpet Care

Simply Clean Carpet Care What more could you ask for than a company offering carpet cleaning in Humble, TX that understands the real challenges a carpet faces? As a family run company, Simply Clean Carpet Care has developed their service to deal with stains, spills, smells and everything else your carpet gets subjected to. Not only do they do a job designed specifically for the home but they aim to offer honest and punctual service to their clients. From the reviews left by previous customer it is clear they achieve this goal with every clean they perform.