Top 10 Rated Humble Foundation Repair Service Providers

Golden Foundation

Golden Foundation When you start to experience problems with your foundation you should always turn to the best in the city. Golden Foundation, over the years, has earned this top position as the most trusted and respected Humble foundation repair company. Their technicians are highly trained to identify specific problems. This means that when they visit your property, a professional will quickly find the issue and begin their customized procedure to fix it. For specifically tailored foundation repair solutions, you can’t do any better than Golden Foundation.

Angel Construction and Foundation Repair

Angel Construction and Foundation Repair Not only will Angel Construction and Foundation Repair offer amazingly affordable prices but will also give you a lifetime warranty. With this kind of confidence in their work, it makes this company one of the most popular for foundation repair in Humble, TX. Their technicians are proud of their work for a good reason. Amongst all of the local foundation companies that serve Humble, Angle Construction uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure the job keeps the foundation strong for good.

Bonilla Foundation Repair

Bonilla Foundation Repair At Bonilla Foundation Repair, they understand that not every homeowner knows how to identify foundation problems. That is why they ask any resident of Humble to call them for a free estimate. Bonilla Foundation Repair has been proudly serving their local area and has become familiar with typical Texas climate related issues. Their expertise makes this company one of the best choices in the city and their team will ensure your property is standing strong long after they have finished their work.


Uretek Many of the homeowners and business owners in Humble turn to Uretek every time they have foundation issues. In fact, one of the biggest draws to this company is the reviews they proudly display, each one filled with praise for their service. The work that their experts can perform on your property is extensively varied. No matter what the problem you may be experiencing is, their team will quickly find the issue and work tirelessly to resolve it. To help you decide if you need their assistance, they offer a completely free quote.

Level Pro

Level Pro For any severe foundation problems with either residential or commercial properties, the safest option is to call Level Pro. They are able to perform foundation repairs that will keep your property level and strong for many years to come. Their technicians are trained in various forms of foundation repairs. This not only means that they can provide a service suitable to your needs but they will also be able to quickly identify what the problem is. This efficiency makes Level Pro not only the best but also a cheap option for saving your foundation.

ABC Foundation

ABC Foundation Since 2014, ABC Foundation has been working with Humble home owner in finding knowledgeable and professional foundation repair companies. Maintaining a network of reliable local foundation service providers, ABC foundation repair assists you in finding the top contractors near you. When you contact ABC foundation, you can be sure that you will be working with the best company in town.