Top 10 Rated Indianapolis Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service Providers

PGF Carpet & Floor Care

PGF Carpet & Floor Care The cleaning solutions used the PGF Carpet & Floor Care will even be effective on the dirtiest areas or the oldest stains. This company is focused on offering commercial and office carpet care in Indiana that they can implement using a set process for their work. First, they pre-inspect the area to determine the needs of the space. Then they prep the area by giving the rug a normal vacuuming and moving furniture. They will pre-treat any really bad areas and then get to work removing the dirt and grime.

Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning Company

Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning Company Using green cleaning products and the latest equipment, Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning Company is able to offer more thorough cleans without using any harsh chemicals or methods in the process. Hiring these affordable rug cleaning services can mean the difference between needing to replace the flooring and having the look and the health of a room completely revived for less. This company is always offering coupons and special rates for their work to make sure more customers have access to their services.

A Plus Carpet Cleaning

A Plus Carpet Cleaning What makes A Plus Carpet Cleaning one of the best local rug cleaning services is the quality of their work and their relatively cheap prices. This company is flexible in their scheduling and will come to clean your floors at a time that suits you. When the come to clean the area, they will prepare it and then work quickly and efficiently so you are not only wowed by the transformation but how professional their services are. This is something reviews cannot say enough about.

Hutchpro Carpet Cleaning Plus

Hutchpro Carpet Cleaning Plus The expert Indianapolis carpet cleaners at Hutchpro Carpet Cleaning Plus use steam extraction to help them get deep into the fibers of the carpet and eliminate the dirt and stains that have been built up over time. Working with this company means getting the best results, in the healthiest manner and all without breaking the bank. The low prices mean that you will be able to hire this service as often as you would like. This will extend the life of your carpet and make your floor more beautiful.


Steamatic Whether there has been some damage to your carpet from leaking water or you simply would like a professional clean, Steamatic is there for you. This company offers complete carpet cleaning in Indianapolis, IN that will make your floors look and feel like new. One of the best aspects of working with this company over others is that they only use controlled heat and soft water to achieve such incredible results. They never incorporate harsh chemicals or solutions, which also makes their cleaning methods healthier for you.