Top 10 Rated Jacksonville Foundation Repair Service Providers


Uretek Uretek is the most professional Jacksonville foundation repair company because of the range of services that they offer. They complete everything from soil stabilization, foundation lifting and so much more. When you suspect that there may be an issue with your foundation, you should call this team immediately. The technicians will easily be able to tell what is wrong and be able to find the most efficient and affordable solution. There is nothing better than knowing you can trust your foundation repair work to this team.

Certified Structure

Certified Structure Whether you are starting to notice cracks in your walls and surfaces or there is an obvious shifting, the best way to find out if you are facing a foundation problem is to have the cracks and the area assessed by Certified Structure. These experts offer foundation repair that will not only address your current issue, but stop the source from ever being an issue again. Of all of the local foundation companies, this one is the most experienced and reliable.


Hygema Hygema offers to move homes to new locations as well as complete expert foundation repair work. Though this is not for commercial properties, the residential repairs that these experts carry out are more specific and therefore more effective. Reviews say that the knowledge and expertise of this team is apparent from the very first interaction you have with them This will give you total peace of mind as will the relatively cheap prices. You will enjoy working with this team to find the best solution for your home.

Darrell Blackman Concrete Inc.

Darrell Blackman Concrete Inc. For foundation repair in Jacksonville, FL you need to work with the best team in the business. Considering you are putting the stability of your home in their hands, being the most experienced is a must. Darrell Blackman Concrete Inc. offers high quality service from the most well trained and seasoned team in the industry. You can rely on their workmanship to provide you with the repair solution you have been looking for. The lasting solutions will keep your home stable as well as protected.

Florida Foundation Systems Inc.

Florida Foundation Systems Inc. Florida Foundation Systems Inc. has been serving the local area for over 40 years. In this time, the contractors have been able to combine their experience with foundations and general contracting to offer you the best foundation repair solutions in Florida. This company uses the latest systems to implement a variety of foundation repairs. They assess what needs to be done and then they do everything from there to ensure you are getting the longest lasting and most reliable help possible.