Top 10 Rated Katy Air Conditioning Repair Service Providers

Aggie Aire

Aggie Aire Aggie Aire is a company that specializes in both residential and commercial air conditioning and heating repair and installation but that certainly isn’t all. These professionals can offer maintenance as well as duct and vent cleaning. They have designed their services to focus on what their customer needs, which is generally keeping the area at a comfortable temperature any time of year. What makes this company the best is that they will advise you on how to use their services to your advantage and make the units last longer.

Cy Fair Mechanical

Cy Fair Mechanical For most people having a problem with the HVAC isn’t an emergency but when you live in the hot Texas heat, you need local air conditioning companies to offer efficient and fast service. Cy-Fair Mechanical offers reliable Katy air conditioning repair. From general maintenance and repairs to replacing the unit entirely, this company has over 20 years of experience to draw from. The technicians certainly have the expertise to fix your AC and even offer free estimates and same-day service to make hiring them even more of a clear decision.

Texas Star

Texas Star When your heating or cooling system breaks down, the first thing you might think is that the repairs or even a replacement will not be cheap, but that isn’t the case with Texas Star. This company offers affordable HVAC services that customers can trust will always be of the highest quality. Reviews say that the best part about using this company is that they can guarantee that the work they do will last. They also work quickly, often completing repairs within 24-hours of receiving the request.

True Fix AC & Heating

True Fix AC & Heating For over 40 years True Fix AC & Heating has been providing installation, maintenance and repairs of all units that provide temperature control. This family-run company is known for providing friendly and reliable service that means having an AC or Heating system that works better than it ever had for much longer. You will not believe how professional and knowledgeable each technician is. They truly have all of the skills and expertise to diagnose and address any AC repair in Katy, TX that you may have.

Alief Heating & Air Conditioning

Alief Heating & Air Conditioning Alief Heating & Air Conditioning offers AC service that their customers can rely on. The technicians at this company are known for fixing what may seem to be even ‘lost cause’ units. If you have made the call to hire a repair company rather than buy a new air control system then this company is going to make that decision worth it. Each member of this team is professional and always offers their clients the most affordable prices for their work and the parts they might need to use.