Top 10 Rated Katy Garage Door Repair Service Providers


NationServe While there are many companies that offer a good Katy garage door repair service there is no other with the quality of NationServe. They have a collection of garage doors that will suit the style and budget of any of their clients. In fact they are so specialized in residential garage door replacements that they can completely change the look of a home. You will be able to discuss all of your options with their expert team of consultants before you commit to anything.

M.G.A. Garage Door

M.G.A. Garage Door Most homeowners often overlook the importance of their garage door. M.G.A. Garage Door always reminds its customers that the garage door serves as a protection to your home from outside dirt, the changes in the weather, insects and intruders. That is why those looking for garage door repair in Katy, TX should always contact M.G.A. Garage Door with any of their problems. This company understands the importance of a fast and reliable service. Their technicians will be with you before you know it.

L.G.A. Garage Doors

L.G.A. Garage Doors While L.G.A. Garage Doors actually serve the entire surrounding areas around Houston, including Katy. They still work as local garage door openers. They have the personal touch that many larger companies lack but retain the quality of a garage door replacement company working throughout Texas. Their team understands the need of their services at short notice so they will always be with you in an emergency and you can call them on their 24 hour customer service contact phone number.


Precision The garage door repair and installation company Precision, has the service that their name suggests. Every service that they provide is carried out with an exact precision and care that is not regularly seen at any other company. This company services all of the most popular brands of garage door openers. This means that no matter what the problems are that you are having you will have access to the best quality service at some of the most affordable prices in the state.

Houston Garage Doors

Houston Garage Doors When you have an issue with your garage door it is tempting to opt for a cheap service and under-qualified technicians. Houston Garage Doors always urges homeowners to view their reviews and extremely competitive rates. Although their company name says they are from Houston they are a locally known company in Katy and the surrounding areas. Their professional technicians have earned their reputation for providing only the best garage door repairs. Calling their customer service team will have your home secure in the shortest time without a huge bill attached.