Top 10 Rated Long Island Home Security & Alarm System Companies


Kovacs Kovacs is one of the few companies offering home security systems in Long Island, NY that truly understand their neighbors. When you deal with this service you will be working directly with the owners and they have almost four decades of experience in the industry so you can be absolutely certain that they will provide you with the best protection. Every member of this team has been trained to do more than provide security equipment but rather they work to know exactly how to best prevent anything happening to you or your possessions.

Computer Controlled Security

Computer Controlled Security For three decades the residents of Long Island have been turning to Computer Controlled Security for their assistance in protecting their homes and businesses. From installing entire surveillance systems to ensuring that every entrance to your property is completely secure this team will be able to assist in whatever it takes to protect you. Unlike many other local alarm companies this service really cares about their clients and offers unbeatable advice on home security and tips of securing your belongings.

US Security Inc

US Security Inc There is very little that US Security Inc. can’t provide their clients in terms of securing their home or business. In fact this service has become famous throughout New York for being able to defend their clients against the widest number of threats from fire to intruders. They have also earned a reputation for using only the latest and most advanced technology in their systems. While the equipment that they use is not cheap or low quality, US Security Inc. do continually strive to offer their clients the most affordable prices.

Security Camera NY

Security Camera NY Unfortunately, technology such as security cameras, intercom systems, access keypads and home alarm systems are becoming more of a necessity in Long Island than ever before. Whether you are looking for security for your business or your home this team will be able to assess exactly what you need and offer the right solutions for you. Reviews of this service always mention how professional the entire process was and how the homeowner or business owner feels immediately safer after the technicians from Security Camera NY have visited their property.


Mancaves The security experts at Mancaves are skilled in assessing how secure a home is and seeing where the weak points are and where you and your family are most at threat. Not only will these Long Island home security experts be able to provide advice on what you need to do but they make the entire installation process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. They are able to set up locking systems, surveillance, monitoring services and anything else that will give you complete peace of mind.