Top 10 Rated Louisville Real Estate Agents

Adair Realty LLC

Adair Realty LLC Angie Adair founded her realty company so she could assist residents throughout Louisville in finding their ideal home and, as the reviews from previous clients show, she has certainly achieved this goal. Adair Realty LLC is now one of the leading residential real estate agent options in the local area and should certainly be your number one choice. Whether you are looking for great investments, amazing deals or want a quick sell, Angie Adair and her team will meet all of your needs.

Jan Scholtz Realtors

Jan Scholtz Realtors Unlike dealing with a commercial realtor, where everything is straightforward, residential services can become extremely complex. This is exactly what Jan Scholtz Realtors works to avoid and makes everything they do clear and useful. This has not only made this service one of the number one choices in Louisville, but they are also at the very top of local real estate agents throughout Kentucky. Just by viewing their extensive listings will have you convinced that this team is the right choice for you.

C. Thieneman Realtors

C. Thieneman Realtors Everything about C. Thieneman Realtors is designed to make finding your next home as easy as possible. This can be seen in every aspect of the service from the great additional information the team offers to the all-round professional approach these realtors have to customer service. Knowing that you can call on this team of experts means you will never have to worry about real estate again, whether you are buying a new property or selling your old family home.

Gilezan Realty

Gilezan Realty While there may be many options when it comes to average realtors in Louisville, KY, there really is only one choice if you want the best in the city. Gilezan Realty is the leading premier service assisting those looking to move throughout Louisville and the surrounding area. Not only does this company have the most luxurious range of properties on their listings but they also offer their customers a five-star service. Having access to this level of professionalism means you can fully trust in each member of this team.

The Jimmy Welch Team

The Jimmy Welch Team Amongst Louisville realtors The Jimmy Welch Team stands out for their dedication to getting each property sold. In fact, this company is so confident that they will be able to make this happen that they offer their clients a guarantee that if the property doesn’t sell, then they will buy it. Knowing that you can call on this standard of quality whenever you are looking to move home means you will never seek assistance anywhere else. These experts will guide you through the whole process and make everything as stress free as possible.