Top 10 Rated Miami Bathroom Remodelers

Southwest Plumbing Services

Southwest Plumbing Services Southwest Plumbing Services can take care of all your plumbing needs as well as all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Hiring this company as your Miami bathroom remodeler means having a team that can complete every complicated aspect of the job from putting in a new toilet to coming up with a structural design. A huge advantage to using this company rather than a design firm is the lower prices. These experts will find you the best deals and always provide affordable services.

Smart Bath Company

Smart Bath Company When you want to remodel your bathroom, Smart Bath Company is one of the most reliable and professional options in Florida. This company offers all of the affordable products you will need to complete the remodel as well as the actual work and design too. This company has years of experience providing the best customer care in every aspect of their work. You will love knowing that you are able to refresh the look of one of the most used rooms in your home at relatively cheap prices.

Painting & Services Unlimited

Painting & Services Unlimited As far as local remodeling companies go, Painting & Services Unlimited is one of the most talented in the area. This company is known for taking the interiors and exteriors of homes to the next level in terms of style and design. Working with this company means refreshing the look of your bathroom while also having a space that function as you need it to. There is nothing better than knowing that you are in the drivers seat with help from the professionals to make your decisions happen.

Miami Remodeling

Miami Remodeling Whether your bathroom needs to be updated or you would like to change the layout, Miami Remodeling can provide all of the help you need. As a bathroom remodeling contractor, this company has a range of options that mean being able to have a beautiful bathroom that is in your exact style and fits your budget. This combination allows the company to offer customer satisfaction in every sense. They will guide you through what needs to be done and how much each aspect will cost.

Trebor General Contractors

Trebor General Contractors Bathroom remodeling in Miami, FL is best done with the help of the experts at Trebor General Contractors. At this company you will find expert technicians that have the experience needed to make your dream bathroom come to life. They will help you choose the right mirrors and fixtures for your budget while you are always in control of the style and functionality of the choices being made. Reviews say that working with a company that puts you in charge while offering help makes for a great renovation team.