Top 10 Rated Minneapolis Air Conditioning Repair Service Providers

Altemp Mechanical Inc.

Altemp Mechanical Inc. Altemp Mechanical Inc. offers 24 hour AC repair in Minneapolis, MN as well as scheduled maintenance and installation assistance too. As a full service HVAC company, the technicians are highly trained in all aspects of keeping your home or business comfortable. They will easily be able to troubleshoot any issue and come up with a solution that will last and mean that you will not have to call the repair company again for the same issue or a different one for a very long time.

Twin Cities Duct Cleaning

Twin Cities Duct Cleaning Twin Cities Duct Cleaning is a company that offers Minneapolis air conditioning repair for all brands and models. The technicians have received formal training and they also have years of experience to draw from too. This combination means that they can work more quickly to come to a solution whenever you are experiencing problems with your residential or commercial cooling unit. One of the best things about working with this company is that the technicians always come with the necessary parts for the most common problems so a fix can be implemented immediately.

One Hour

One Hour One Hour is one of the local air conditioning companies that is focused on promptness and professional service. Knowing that you can trust this team to work efficiently to come up with a solution to fix your AC means that you will never have to hesitate about calling them. Their goal is to fix your system so that you will not have to suffer through the heat any longer. They also aim to provide solutions that will last so you will not have to bother with any repeat visits.

Handy Quick

Handy Quick You could wait around for an AC service or you can hire the prompt and reliable assistance of Handy Quick. The technicians at this company are known for being prompt in every aspect of their work. They will arrive as quickly as possible, work efficiently and make sure that your comfort and customer care comes above all else. With such dedication to their work and relatively cheap prices, you will never work with another Minnesota AC company for help again.

Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning

Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning If the reviews of Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning are any indication then you will be working with the most professional and reliable technicians in the business. Whether they are coming to adjust the air conditioning unit, provide maintenance or repair a broken part, they will always arrive on time and ready to work. They will offer the most affordable solution without ever compromising the quality, which, as something former customers have said, is one of the service’s best features.