Top 10 Rated NYC Air Conditioning Repair Service Providers


InterCity Finding a service that offers quality AC repair in New York City, NY isn’t easy and one that offers a 24 hour emergency service is even more rare. Luckily for residents throughout the state, InterCity is available around the clock and only hires the most skilled technicians to assist their clients. By focusing on assisting their clients when they need the most help InterCity has earned a reputation for being one of the best choices in the business. Their technicians are also trained to deal with both commercial and residential AC unit models.

Clover Comfort

Clover Comfort Having access to an AC service with over three decades of experience assisting residents and businesses of New York City is priceless when your unit breaks down. Each member of the team at Clover Comfort is passionate about his or her work and is continually working to further their understanding of different makes and models. Not only does this company provide a professional service they also offer amazingly useful advice that clients continually mention in their reviews as being incredibly helpful.

Mikes Air Conditioning

Mikes Air Conditioning When choosing between local air conditioning companies it can be difficult to know which one will be able to provide the quality of services that you need. Mike’s Air Conditioning has the awards, reviews and experience necessary to prove that their service should be your number one choice for New York City air conditioning repair. Don’t risk opting for a sub-standard company that uses cheap repair materials and only choose to use the services of the experts at Mike’s Air Conditioning.


Cottam When it comes to keeping you and your family comfortable in the summer heat you should not opt for anything but the best. Cottam is an award winning HVAC that has quickly become the top choice for residents and businesses throughout the city. They provide full maintenance services as well as full repair work for when something goes wrong. From the reviews left by previous clients it is clear to see that this service is highly reliable, cares about providing eco-friendly repairs and is one of the quickest to respond in the industry.

Cool Tech

Cool Tech Often with larger air conditioning systems it can be a lot more difficult to know what the problem is and it is usually related to a few issues throughout the building. For businesses it is important to go to a company such as Cool Tech that understands everything from HVAC systems to air filtration and heating. As these technicians are able to work efficiently they are also able to offer some of the most affordable prices in the industry, while not compromising on the quality of the maintenance.