Top 10 Rated Oakland Home Security & Alarm System Companies


Scout Scout is one of the newer home security systems in Oakland, CA being used to protect residents and their homes. This system is unique in that it puts the user and homeowner in control of every aspect of use. When you buy this system you will be able to choose which components you would like to include as well as which actions the system will take in different situations. Reviews say that being able to choose the level of control and support makes this system unbeatable.

Zions Security Alarms

Zions Security Alarms When you would like to make sure there will not be any breaches to the security of your home or business, Zions Security Alarms has the most reliable solutions. You can opt for monitored security, alert systems or complete home operating systems. You will be able to choose which one is best for you and which one best suits your budget. For relatively cheap prices, you can rest easy knowing that your home and everything and everyone in it is totally protected.

Acme Security Systems

Acme Security Systems Acme Security Systems is one of the leading local alarm companies in California because they offer complete customer services and security solution integration. Since 1970, this company has been offering everything from lock services to monitoring systems as well as high security doors and materials. The staff at this company will not just try to sell you a system but assist you in finding the right one to suit your needs. This kind of customer care is something you will not find from other companies.

Guardian Alarm

Guardian Alarm Home alarm systems are a must if you would like to keep your home protected from threats when you are not home or even when you are sleeping. Guardian Alarm offers burglar alarm systems that can be remotely operated. This company also offers complete monitoring that will come at an affordable monthly cost. You will be able to make automatic payments and have the system installed within 24-hours of talking to a professional from Guardian. You will love the service and the online operating options.

Sentry Alert

Sentry Alert Since 1976, Security Alert has been offering the highest level of Oakland home security. This company assists their clients from choosing the best solution to fit their needs, install such system and then provide round the clock monitoring. In addition, this company also offers professional patrol services that might be more appealing to businesses or industrial properties. The best thing about finding a security solution from this company is that you know they will provide monitoring every second of every day.