Top 10 Rated San Antonio Home Security & Alarm System Companies

Ultimate Fire & Security Services

Ultimate Fire & Security Services Home security is not something you should take lightly, especially considering the increasing number of violent incidents seen in the media. The only way to ensure that you have the best home security systems in San Antonio, TX is to hire Ultimate Fire & Security Services to guarantee your safety. This company has experience working on both residential and commercial properties, using the latest systems and techniques. The security you and your family will feel is priceless compared to the relatively cheap cost of this incredible security.

MCS Fire & Security

MCS Fire & Security In San Antonio, fire and burglary or break ins are the most common threats to any property, which is why MCS Fire & Security specializes in the prevention of both. This company doesn’t just offer a basic system to install but they can actually design custom security to fit your needs. Once they install the system they will provide you with monitoring and access control as well as mass notification systems for larger buildings and businesses. Reviews say that this is the most reliable company security company in the business.


Vallance You could shop around for San Antonio home security or you could go to Vallance right away. This company offers the most affordable prices and the most professional technicians so working with them is the easiest decision you could make. The real decision-making is when it is time for you to choose the security system that best suits your needs. Of course the expert technicians will advise you but it is really up to you to choose which option makes you feel the safest.

Security Partners

Security Partners Of course everyone wants to keep their family safe but they also want doing so to be cost effective. That is where Security Partners comes in. This company offers everything from the traditional home alarm systems to the latest in video surveillance technology. Not only this, but the company will also educate and train their clients on how best to use their new security systems. Having all of the security options possible as well as friendly and efficient customer support is what makes this company the most professional and reliable.

Veteran Alarm

Veteran Alarm Veteran Alarm is one of the most unique local alarm companies in Texas. This company is owned and operated by those that have protected the country and now want to protect the property of their fellow Americans closer to home. As experts in safety, this company offers the latest in security technology, using systems that are highly advanced as well as easy for the client to use and operate. The technicians at this company will find the right system for your lifestyle and install it as soon as possible.