Top 10 Rated San Diego Real Estate Agents

Wolf Real Estate Team

Wolf Real Estate Team Michael and Jessica Wolf have been serving their local community and the surrounding areas of San Diego for many years. When it comes to selling your home or buying a new one you won’t want to settle for anything less than this professional realty team. Wolf Real Estate Team work from referrals so you know you can trust the reviews of previous clients are filled with praise for their excellent service. With this kind of trust, reliability and knowledge of their industry you will certainly not be disappointed.

Realty National

Realty National At Realty National they believe in providing their clients with a whole different approach to finding a home or selling one. They use innovative techniques to provide some of the best real estate assistance in San Diego. As a full real estate service they provide advice and tips from the beginning right to when you make your final purchase. There are no other San Diego realtors who are more dedicated to finding your dream home than the team at Realty National.

Ascent Real Estate

Ascent Real Estate While it may be quite straightforward to find a commercial realtor, as there aren’t many options, it is certainly difficult to select one out of the many residential real estate agents. Ascent Real Estate makes this choice as simple as possible. They only hire the most respected and highly qualified realtors for their company. This approach has made them extremely popular in San Diego and indeed across the country. You will be blown away by the dedication and attention to detail of their team.

John Gluch

John Gluch Led by the top-rated realtor, John Gluch, The Gluch Group, San Diego's real estate boutique team, provides unrivaled services for their clients shopping for homes for sale in San Diego or those looking to sell their home to relocate. One of John’s greatest strengths is in seeing connections that are not always obvious. His ability to think laterally has secured deals and solved problems for our clients that would otherwise seem impossible.

Christine Baker Realtor

Christine Baker Realtor The testimonials given by Christine Baker’s past clients have nothing but wonderful things to say about her service. She is certainly a highly talented residential real estate agent and you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the advice and connections that you make through her. Christine is an expert in the San Diego area and she knows market trends extremely well. This dedication has meant that over the time she has served California she has become the number one real estate agent in the state.

Dannecker & Associates

Dannecker & Associates With a team that is only made up of local real estate agents you can be sure that Dannecker & Associates knows the property market extremely well. This is true of all current trends as well as knowing exactly how to make your property appeal to potential buyers. Often realtors in San Diego, CA forget their roots and try to appeal to nationwide buyers. While Dannecker & Associates certainly maximizes the amount of offers you will get for your home, they also strive to suit the exact needs of the residents of San Diego.